10 Agreements for Bold Leaders

10 Agreements for Bold Leaders - Tara Newman Coaching
10 Agreements for Bold Leaders - Tara Newman Coaching

Have you ever felt disappointed in yourself? Like you’re letting yourself down.Maybe you've been sitting in resistance for too long.

Maybe you’re feeling invisible in your business.

Maybe you expected to be farther along than you are now.

Maybe you have an expectation that you can keep all the balls in the air without any help.

Maybe you expected to be making more impact or more income.

One of my favorite resources to share with my clients is an audio recording from Steve Chandler on Expectations vs. Agreements.

If you think about it, an expectation is based on one thought - which may not even be rational.

You may not even be totally clear on what it is. It’s a thought pattern, probably a hang up from somewhere in the past, which you are using as a barometer for “success”.

An agreement, on the other hand is something which has to be thought about, planned and decided. An agreement is creative, courageous and bold. Whether it’s with an employee, a partner or yourself.

Whether we realize it or not, as high achieving women we tend to live and die by a set of expectations we have for ourselves. We set unrealistic performance standards that create false beliefs around our worthiness.

In doing this we also create a lot of stress, anxious thoughts, and exhaustion. Steve Chandler says “expectations are toxic.”

True dat!

Want to make a greater impact on the world around you?

Then you need to be continuously improving the way you LEAD.

A great way to do this is to ditch the expectations and start making powerful agreements — starting with the agreements you make with yourself.

Want to lead more boldly?

Try some of these agreements for Bold Leadership:

  1. I acknowledge that any kind of leadership, especially, bold leadership is a way of being.
  2. I will know my vision, core values, and strengths because they are my compass. When my faith and resolve start to waiver, I will do whatever it takes to re-enroll myself in these three things.
  3. I take full responsibility for what is working and what is not working in my life and business. I commit to relentless self-assessment.
  4. I commit to having bold and challenging conversations with myself on a daily basis.
  5. I show up authentically and stand in my truth whatever my truth is in that moment.
  6. I freely acknowledge, agree, and commit to daily mindset work. Soul expansion equals business expansion.
  7. I make self-care a priority because leaders need the endurance to make an impact.
  8. I know it’s not enough to start things, they need to be brought to completion. I focus and finish.
  9. I create strategy that is compelling, smart, intuitive, and feels good.
  10. My dreams and desires are my responsibility to execute on. Consistent, daily action will get me where I want to go. I will make it happen.

Above all else, trust yourself and your inner guidance system. Your intuition will never lead you astray.

Love and Leadership,


PS.  My group of BOLD LEADERS is a hopping place to find like-minded biz comrades as well as test the limits of your personal growth. Because as I’ve learned, your business doesn’t grow unless you do.

10 Agreements for Bold Leaders - Tara Newman Coaching (1)
10 Agreements for Bold Leaders - Tara Newman Coaching (1)