10 Daily Practices to Boost Your Confidence (Pronto!)

10 Daily Practices to Boost Your confidence - Pronto! -  Tara Newman Coaching (Ever notice how confident children are?

The first few steps are a bit wobbly but they’re running full steam ahead in no time. You can’t tell a toddler anything — they know it ALL with certainty. They know exactly what they want and they aren’t afraid to rumble with you to get it.

They lean right in.

Like most people, I’ve struggled with my confidence on and off throughout my entire adult life. The struggle has lessoned as I have mastered some key strategies to keep me moving forward with the same certainty as a toddler.

The Story

I remember being 21 and going on an internal job interview at the company I was working at. I really wanted this position because it meant I could follow my career aspirations without leaving to go elsewhere. I met with the hiring manager and presented myself in what I thought was a confident way. I had always been a mature and driven young person.

I really simply presented myself the only way I knew how -- wholeheartedly.  At 21, assimilation and the reality of corporate politics hadn't set in.  I didn't realize I was playing a game.

To this day I still don’t know how this interview turned out the way it did.

This man, in his early 50’s, evisorated me. He tore me to shreds and wrapped up the interview by telling me I was cocky and arrogant.

I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach — gasping for breath and laying facedown in the dirt.

The result...

I cried my eyes out for three hours and vowed never to seem “cocky” again. Deep down I know this guy was the problem. He had bragged to his team (of women) about his behavior in the interview and they were horrified. They had all interviewed me as well and thought I would be a great addition to their team.

But that’s not the story that played over and over in my head. The story I allowed to play in my head was the one where I was cocky and as a result got “what was coming to me."

Can you relate?

Regardless of who is eroding your confidence, the end result is the same.  Lack of confidence is the number one reason you’re playing small and not achieving the level of success you desire. Lack of confidence stops you from taking risks, digging deep, innovating, and failing.

What I’ve learned over time is that confidence requires daily practice and mindfulness. Below are 10 things you can practice daily to boost your confidence. Don't pick all 10 (duh!). Pick a few that feel good to you.

Here are 10 Daily Practices to Boost Your Confidence (Pronto!)

  1. Step back, hit pause, go for a walk.  Simply remove yourself from the spiral of confidence crushing thoughts.
  2. Stop thinking and take action.  Shut the brain off and find the smallest action you can take to move you forward. Set a timer and work on a task for 15 minutes.
  3. Forgive yourself, the voice in your head, and the past memory. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for letting go and moving on. List all those thoughts and experiences that erode your confidence. Read each of them, repeat a forgiveness mantra, and cross them out.
  4. Speak your truth.  Nothing will make you feel more confident than communicating from a place of YOUR values, ethics, and integrity. You can say anything when you come from that place so speak up!
  5. Live your truth.  Similar to speaking your truth. Align all of your actions with your values, vision, and goals. Aim to completely embody the truest form of yourself as much as possible. Living your truth is one of life’s greatest freedoms.
  6. Know your strengths. Take some assessments and read what the assessment says about you. You can try StrengthsFinder or a Meyers Briggs type assessment.
  7. Focus on gratitude. Create an intentional practice that focuses your gratitude on the areas where you need confidence. Be grateful for your strengths, unique talents, areas of expertise, and your individual experiences. Be grateful for YOU — your values, vision, mission, and accomplishments (no matter how small).
  8. Identify your weaknesses and STOP doing them! If you aren’t good at something, stop trying tirelessly to improve what you don’t enjoy doing. If it needs to get done, ask for help. Learning how to delegate and outsource is critical to maintaining your confidence and keeping your energy high.
  9. Set bite-sized goals with a short time frame. Set small, micro goals that can be accomplished in a week or a month. This will give you some quick wins to celebrate and give you more immediate feedback. Sometimes we have to feed our need for instant gratification.
  10. End each day acknowledging your wins. It’s important to find the wins even if they are disguised as failures. Reframe the situation and look for the positive. My first coach taught me how to do this and make it a habit. It was a small change that made a HUGE impact on my ability to level up in my business and my life.

Which ones resonated with you?


10 Daily Practices to Boost Your confidence - Pronto! - Tara Newman Coaching