5 Things I Do Everyday to Get Massive Results

Have you ever seen someone who seems to have everything you want and wonder “what are they doing that makes them so successful?”

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“What are they doing each day to get those results?”

As a leadership and performance coach for all kinds of entrepreneurs and executives, I get an inside view of what works and what doesn’t work in people’s businesses (or careers). It’s an honor and a privilege to work with some of the most successful people I know from world renowned doctors, million dollar millennials, and everyday elite performers.

Here’s the interesting thing…

The business tools and strategies available to them are available to anyone. The opportunities that come their way, can easily come your way. They have fears and failures just like you.

So, what makes them so successful?

How do they double revenue year after year?

How are they visible in their businesses when others feel like a nobody?

How do they appear so damn confident when others are stuck in cycles of self-doubt?

I’m going to let you in on a few EVERYDAY things that WORK when it comes to getting massive results. The word EVERYDAY is meant to demonstrate the simplicity and consistency in which these strategies are executed.


Write your goals on paper

When you wake up in the morning, write your 90 day goal. Studies have shown when we write our goals down on paper we are significantly more likely to achieve them. Play around with how you write these goals each day. Write them in the present tense. Write them with positive intentions. Write them with gratitude. Write them with the belief that they are already achieved. Writing them everyday will bring a focus to your work and create the mindset that success is inevitable.

Focused work time

You know those goals you just wrote down on the paper? Now you have to turn them into actions and work on them. What are 1-3 things you can do everyday to bring those goals into reality. Set aside an hour a day without interruption to work on them. Even if you do ONE thing each day, you have executed 5 big actions each week.

Capture your wins

At the end of each day, jot down your successes. Your wins. It doesn’t matter how small these wins might seem. As a matter of fact, the smaller the better. Share these wins with a partner, friend, or even your children. Our success often comes through small, daily acts and not big giant celebratory leaps. Acknowledging the small, incremental gains is what generates unrelenting forward progress.


To surrender means to let go of the need to control or to release attachment to or to stop resisting. Many people see surrender as giving up or quitting or doing nothing. This isn’t true.

Surrender is an action. You are actively releasing or letting go of the need to control an outcome. You’re acknowledging that forcing and manipulating an end result rarely works.

Surrender allows you to tune into your intuition and clearly let’s the ego know it’s time to take the back seat. Surrender allows you to show up generously instead of from a place of neediness or desperation.

Many of us experience an act of surrender when our backs are up against a wall. We have no other choice that to give it up to a higher power. The ability to do that when things aren’t as dire is the surest way to the results you truly crave.

Get intimate with resistance


Everyone has it and nobody likes to talk about it.

Here’s a little secret that I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of successful people…

We resist what we want the most. We resist our truth. We resist our soul calling. We resist our deepest desires.

Or like Steven Pressfield writes in The War of Art:

Resistance is directly proportional to love. If you’re feeling massive resistance, the good news is, it means there’s tremendous love their too. If you didn’t love the project that is terrifying you, you wouldn’t feel anything. The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference.

SO, if you’re going to get results that matter. You need to do the work that matters most. Which means you will always be in some state of resistance.

Resisting resistance is futile. I’ve tried.

Becoming intimate with your resistance -- truly understanding what it looks and feels like -- and embracing it is the only way through it.

What are the things you do EVERYDAY to get massive results?

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Tara Newman