3 Unconventional Tools for Exponential Business Growth

3 Unconventional Tools for Exponential Business Growth

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Today, I wanted to talk about three unconventional tools for exponential business growth.

A lot of what we're hearing on business growth is coming in terms of tactics, in terms of marketing, in terms of social media and sales funnels. All important things AND there is also another way to experience business growth and one that could potentially be even more powerful because when we grow personally then our businesses grow.

When we have some kind of transformational personal growth, we experience transformational business growth. Sometimes even our systems and our funnels and things like that won't work if we ourselves as leaders aren't working.

That is why it is so important, as you've heard me say a number of times, that we are relentlessly self-assessing. We really need to know ourselves intimately and deeply and be doing that inner work in order to take action from a place that is aligned, abundant, in flow, and productive. Then our systems will also work.

The three tools that I want to talk about are all tools that we can use in what I call "soul work". Our inner spiritual growth that will help us also grow our businesses.

Here are 3 Unconventional Tools for Exponential Business Growth:

Unconventional Tool #1: The Universal Mirror

Some of you might be familiar with the term, universal mirror.. Our partners, our clients, our friends, the people who surround us, can at times act as mirrors to things that we need to work on ourselves. If we are open-minded and aware and conscious of what's going on in these relationships, they can be hugely beneficial to our own personal growth.

When you have somebody in front of you and you're seeing something that maybe you're not liking or that is rubbing you the wrong way, is that a message for you to go and look within yourself and be open-minded and see how this might be impacting you on a personal level?

Unconventional Tool #2: Judgement

Your judgments are a tool to help you go deeper and help you do the personal development needed to grow your business. When you judge others it is a beacon to where you need to do some work on yourself.   All judgement is self-judgement.  

An example of this  is when I pick my kids up from school and I'm standing on the pick up line. There's all these moms and they're in various states of togetherness. I always look at the ones who don't look like they're really taking care of themselves.

They look a little tired or haggard or not really put together. I start like, ladies, why can't we put it together? Even though we're standing on the pick up line, let's have some interest in how we present ourselves and how we show up in the world, and how we take care of ourselves.

Instead of putting that judgment on them, I need to turn that around and look at me and say, “okay Tara, where aren't you showing up the way you think you should be showing up? Where aren't you taking care of yourself? Where are you feeling haggard and tired that you're judging these people?”

Take your judgements and turn them around on you and look at what that says about you and where you can be doing the work to improve yourself, to move past these judgments, and step into a whole new place of expansion for yourself and into your business.

Unconventional Tool #3: Triggers

When we get triggered, that may look differently for some of us. We might get really defensive, we might get jealous, we might lash out and get really snippy and personal about somebody. What are your triggers and how can you follow those triggers? The triggers are like a rainbow and they lead you to a pot of gold.

Usually, for me, it's that I'm not taking action somewhere. Someone else is doing something that I could potentially be doing and I'm resisting it and not taking action, and it's holding me back. That's usually what a trigger means to me.

It's triggering me to look at a mindset. It’s an indication that I have a story or belief holding me back.  that I'm telling myself or something that I believe to be really true, and now this person is doing something in opposition to that and is proving me to be wrong, or false, or a liar, or whatever. It sheds light on these stories and these mindsets or this resistance that we have and highlights where we need to be doing the work.

Questions to reflect on:

What have people been mirror opportunities for you to work on within yourself? What judgements have been popping up? Where have you been feeling triggered the most?

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Tara Newman