How to thrive through times of uncertainty or chaos in your business

How to thrive through times of uncertainty or chaos

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I wanted to jump in here and talk about something really important about how to thrive through times of uncertainty and chaos in your business. This is a topic that comes up often when coaching entrepreneurs and executives who are running high growth businesses.  Change and uncertainty doesn’t have to be negative. Most of the time it is positive and it can still be.

Here are 5 strategies that are critically important to moving through chaotic phases in our businesses:

Strategy 1: We need to know where we are now and where we want to go. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what's next, we lose presence to where we are in this moment. I want everybody first to not worry about what's coming next and let's just stay present in our current moment and understand what's happening now, right? You can ask yourself some of my favorite questions. What's working? What's not working? What do you want more of? and what do you want less of?

Strategy 2: I want you to do is get quiet, take time to work on your business and not be in your business, right? Get quiet and listen because what you're listening for is your intuition and your intuition is the only business tool you need. When I interview my highest performing clients, and I ask them how they make decisions, they will tell me intuition.

Strategy 3: Stay in a place of possibility. The second you start feeling overwhelmed or you're being fire hosed, you need to shift your energy. I want you to get into what's possible and the easiest way to do that is just simply to ask yourself, "What is possible for me right now?” You can wake up every morning, take five minutes and just start the day with “What is possible for me today?” and that will shift you and your energy into a place of more positivity, more abundance, less overwhelm.

Jot down your possibilities and you can pick up that list in the middle of your day at any point where you're feeling sluggish and you need to shift those feelings.

Strategy 4: Stay open.  When things get chaotic and you feel like you can't take a breath, it is very easy to close. This is a physical feeling. You start to feel like your shoulders are slumping forward, your heart is moving backward, your eyes are down, your head is down. That's you closing down.

You want to remain open because when we are open, we can receive. When we're looking for solutions, when we're looking for opportunity, when we're looking to receive money, we need to stay open to receive it. Literally pull your shoulders back, put your heart out, keep your head up.

What I do is I'll sit down with my journal and I'll write a whole page. I am open to receive opportunities. I am open to receive new solutions. I'm open to receive new connections. I am open to receive money. I'm open to receive unexpected income that I didn't know was coming. I'm open to receive and you're writing I am open over and over and over and over again to receive what you are looking to receive in this time.

Strategy 5: Very intentionally identify resources to provide you support. These  resources can look like anything. You need to ask your spouse for help, or you need to hire a coach, you need to have girls night or boys night. You need to be talking about this, you need to be asking friends for support or colleagues.

Do not isolate yourself in this moment. You need to ask for support and you don't ask for support like, "Oh, I'll ask for support later after I've done the work." No, no, no. You need to immediately ask for support and this is why it's good to know who your support is way ahead of time, who your go-to-people are, you can go to them immediately and not wait and suck it up. Don't suck it up.

You're going to be a brave and bold human being.

If you are going through this, you can jump into the bold leadership revolution and ask for help.

Tara Newman