6 Signs Your Business is Upleveling (and so are you!)

6 Signs Your Business is Upleveling (and so are you!).png

First, what the heck is upleveling?

Upleveling is simply another term for  you or your business (usually both!) moving through another level of growth. I like to think of it as transformation at the highest level.

Do you ever get that feeling you are the brink of something BIG? Or it’s time to do something differently but you’re not sure what that looks like?

Maybe you feel that way now.

If so, then you know the frustration that comes with not quite knowing what to do next. The friction of wanting to charge forward but “OMG the resistance!”

When my clients seek me out, they are ALL somewhere in the process of upleveling. They have reached a certain level of success and are now wondering “what’s next?” They realize it’s time to do something differently if they want greater results or maybe they’re DONE with success being so hard and painful. They are ready to succeed with ease.

These are people who unapologetically want more and it’s not always more money they want.

While upleveling can be exciting, it is often a bit confusing in the beginning. It might begin with a little niggle that something feels off.

Something you were once excited about fills you with dread. A task or project that used to feel easy now feels hard. Sales aren’t coming in as easily as they were. You’re experiencing rejection.

These are easy signs to overlook and push through. The next layer of signs are usually a little louder. The Universe or the Business Gods aren’t going to let this go quietly.

Here are 6 signs you’re most definitely upleveling:

You feel like you’re in the dip:

You know that entrepreneurial roller coaster everyone talks about? Well, you’re in the dip. Things feel messy and scary. Everything that made sense yesterday no longer makes sense today. And if you’re anything like me, major shit is going down -- your credit card gets hacked, your kid really needs you, you get sick, your employee quits, and all those sales you have in the pipeline bottom out.

You’re overworking or striving:

You’re default is to WORK through it so you put your head down and plow forward. Except that doesn’t feel good either. Your lack of motivation is terrifying . You think if you just map out the damn goals everything will be OK. But mapping out the goals feels like slow torture. Pushing forward only exhausts you and clouds your vision. You might be wondering if you will ever find your mojo again.

You’re in retreat:

You start to retreat because you have no idea what the heck is wrong with you. You assume everyone else has it figured out. You’re starting to feel like a fraud and maybe your success has been a fluke.

You lie awake at night wondering how you will replicate your success.  What if you never experience success again? You don’t want anyone to SEE you this way, to see you as unsuccessful so you pull back from friends and support systems.  

You’re trying to control all the things:

You are desperately trying to NOT come undone so you are controlling everything there is to control. You’re even going to control exactly how and when and for how long this “uplevel thing” is going to take. You think the tighter your grip the easier it’s going to be to manage.

Everything triggers you:

Your spouse says something and it sets you off. You see a Facebook post that turns you into the green eyed monster. You’re all of a sudden so easily offended. You can spend an hour ranting about something someone else did that has zero impact on you. You wonder “what happened to that thick, warrior-like skin I’ve developed?”

The resistance is strong:

You’re feeling the pull of your goals and simultaneously you feel like you're pushing against a wall. You want your business to succeed sooooo badly and yet you can’t bring yourself to do the few things that will make the biggest difference. Instead you are wasting your time on the inconsequential, non-revenue generating tasks liiiiikkkkeee Facebook scrolling, obsessive email checking and website tweaking to name a few.

Which one of these signs are you experiencing right now?

Seriously, writing that exhausted me! If you are experiencing any of those signs, please know you're perfectly normal and exactly where you are meant to be.

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