How to Open to Receiving More in Your Business

How to Open to Receive More in Your Business

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Today I wanted to talk about how to open to receiving more in your business and your life. As human beings we're really heavy on the giving, but then the receiving isn't so great. Sometimes we feel like we're give, give, giving, and we're not getting anything in return.

This is for anybody who wants to take their abundance to the next level in their business, or even in their life in general. This is for anybody who just wants more. The pathway to more is to be open to receiving.

Strategy 1: Know what more means to you. Define what abundance means to you. Define what rich means to you. Define what wealth means to you, so you know what you’re calling in, what you are being open to receive. Define it so you can call it in.

Strategy 2: Declutter. A full cup cannot receive any more liquid than it already has. Declutter, and when I say declutter, I mean physical space, mental space, electronic space, emotional space, people in your space. It's like tidying up the junk drawer of your life, all of it, especially your beliefs and your thoughts. I am big on what beliefs we're ready to give up, what stories we need to put down in order to succeed and move forward, so declutter.

Strategy 3: You have to ask for it. You're not going to receive something if you don't ask for it. Use this journaling exercise of repetitively writing what you are open to receive on a regular basis. It’s essentially you asking, you setting the intention for what it is you're looking to receive into your business and into your life.

Strategy 4: Find proof. Find proof that abundance that you're looking for already exists. You have to release some of your expectations around how this is coming to you and in what form you're going to receive it. You need to be really open minded around that. When it comes and you're being conscious about it, you need to find proof and then you need to say thank you. Thank you.

Strategy 5: Practice receiving. Compliments, praise, acknowledgement, encouragement, as uncomfortable as that is for some of us, have somebody sit down with you and give you 10 compliments and all you can do is say, "Thank you." That is such a heart opening, mind opening exercise to do.

These are my strategies around how you can open to receiving more in your business and life. I want everybody to have an amazing day, and be wide open to receiving new opportunities and new forms of abundance in your life.

Tara Newman