Part 1: Behind the Scenes of the Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast

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Key Topics:

  • How putting things off isn't always procrastination.
  • My personal reasons for starting a podcast.
  • The mission behind the movement.
  • The key decisions that went into bringing this podcast to life.

Putting things off isn't always procrastination:

 I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a looooong time. About 4 years to be exact. One could think that I’ve been procrastinating but I wasn’t.  I simply wasn’t ready. My leadership journey needed to be further along before I could step into a place where I was ready to become a broadcaster. My desire to have a larger impact and reach more people finally grew bigger than anything that might hold me back such as fear, beliefs, and/or BS stories.

“Procrastination can be a form of intuition.” -- Danielle Laporte.

We need to worry less about whether or not we are procrastinating and sink into trusting our intuition. Sometimes we aren’t ready yet and that’s OK.

By stepping into this next phase in my business and personal growth, I realized that I needed to slow down and re-evaluate everything. Things like branding, my target audience, my messaging, and my WHY.

Developing this podcast became an opportunity for deep reflection, aligned action and a lot of simplifying.

 It’s been a time of great change, big decisions, and lots of little shifts.

My personal reasons for starting a podcast.

  • To meet new and inspiring people and to open doors for others (and myself!).
  • To develop bold, ballsy and badass leaders in this world.
  • To deliver the high quality, valuable content to my audience in a way that is optimal for them and inspires action.
  • My own development -- creating an opportunity to challenge and stretch myself by taking on projects that go beyond my comfort zone and skillset.
  • As an entrepreneur everything I do has to fit a few criteria: Be of service by developing leaders step into their ultimate power, purpose, and passion, to create MORE. AND stimulate the economy meaning create wealth for myself AND others.
  • I like podcasts. They are a great learning tool and way to meet cool peeps.

 The mission behind the movement:

As always my mission is develop leaders who can step off the high achiever hamster wheel and into their power -- their superpowers and their hidden powers that still need to be honed and cultivated.

 To take leaders from a place of frenzy, fatigue, and frustration to  clear focus, calm mind, and careful execution.

 And I believe one of the best ways for me to do this is through my podcast which is why I have simplified my business to allow me to focus my energy on creating valuable audio content.

The key decisions that went into bringing this podcast to life:

  1. Timing + timeframe. Slowed down execution allowing for greater thought and intention. Allowed for market research. Most importantly allowed me to work on something in my business while I did the summer mom/kid juggle. Slowing down the execution also allowed me to process through my fears, integrate, and get grounded in my vision for this podcast which I know in the long haul will be more sustainable for me.  Lesson: not every idea has to be implemented on immediately. Hasty execution leads to hasty results.

  2. Format. Seasons for now. Allowing space to test and evolve. Seasons feel expansive and sustainable for me giving me built in breaks. It also allows me to play with themes, learning objectives, and batching.

  3. Building team + process. I don’t like working in a vacuum. Having team to brainstorm and co-create with strengthens me and fuels me. It gets me so excited to get to work. Being able to delegate tasks that would take me a long time or have any kind of learning curve keeps me operating from a  place of confidence. When I hired for this project -- content expert, podcast branding people, copywriter,


Shoshana Chaim from Plant Trainers and The Plant Trainers Podcast, where they talk about improving your health, wellness, and overall lifestyle with plant based nutrition asked:

 What’s the plan to grow the podcast audience?

  1. I absolutely want to grow my podcast audience and we will have metrics on downloads but that will not be our primary focus. Our primary focus will be to serve leaders, have unconventional conversations and provide useful and practical tools and resources for exponential growth -- mind, business and soul.

  2. Starting a podcast is a long term strategy so that means I’m going to grounding into patience!

  3. Following Gary V’s example, one is better than zero so I am deeply grateful for even one download, share, review.

  4. Keep things fresh, mix it up, and encourage audience participation.

  5. While I want to reach a larger audience, I'm still committed to going deep not wide. By focusing on one person and an engaged community, I know my podcast audience will grow.

  6. As with anything, my plan is to get my network involved and leverage my relationships in various different industries and on on different platforms.

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