3 Things I Gave Up To Double Revenue in 2016

Have you ever wondered “how do he or she do it all?’ Or think “I want to have it all” so you go out and do it all. Here’s my little secret…

I don’t do it all. Not even close.

Nobody likes the word “sacrifices.” But the reality is that making intentional choices or trade offs are what leads to greater results.

Trade offs allow us to focus on what’s most important. Choosing what to say NO to is just as important as choosing what to say yes to.

I’m not going to advise you to sacrifice time with your family or give up on Netflix. I'd rather dive into things around beliefs, habits, and atitudes.

So, here are the three trade offs I made that had the biggest impact on my revenue:

I traded achievement for performance.

Being a high achiever leads me to be motivated by things like seeing how many things I can cross off my to do list.

Sometimes high achievers strive for achievements that aren’t always tied to the results we ultimately want.

Instead, I chose to create habits that led me to perform my best everyday and allowed me to have consistent energy as I built my business. I believe if we want to make an impact as an entrepreneur, we need the endurance to do so.

I traded comfort for discomfort

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing things the same way every time, and get comfortable with things that way. Status quo sinks in! In 2016, I committed to shaking things up and practicing 20 seconds of courage when I did things that made me uncomfortable.

This doesn’t have to be something that creates massive discomfort. You can commit to doing small, uncomfortable things often and regularly -- ask for the sale, ask for the referral, ask for support, speak your truth, get radically curious when something triggers you.

3 Things I Gave Up To Double Revenue in 2016
3 Things I Gave Up To Double Revenue in 2016

I traded short term revenue for long term, sustainable growth.

This meant saying no to quick cash when it didn’t align with the work I wanted to do. I turned down big corporate contracts because values and vision didn’t align or it wasn’t in my zone of genius. If it felt like it would drain my energy, it was a NO. Instead I said yes to building long-term relationships, connecting and engaging with people on a deep level, and focusing in on the few, not the many.

Sometimes this meant selling less and delivering more value.

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Love + Bold Leadership,

Tara Sig
Tara Sig

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