4 Lists Every List Maker Needs (and it's NOT a to-do list!)

4 Lists Every List Maker Needs (and it's NOT a to-do list!)You know that to-do list you obsess over? Screw it!

Yep, rip that crap up right now.

I very rarely write a to do list, and if I find myself doing so I know it’s an indicator that I’m doing something wrong. It’s a sign that I’ve taken on too much and feel overwhelmed. It’s a sign that I’m not aligned with my values and vision. It’s a sign that I’m not in my flow and need to press pause.

[tweetherder]Before I start my week, I write my three most critical goals for the week[/tweetherder]. Then each night I write out my three most important actions for the next day. These actions all tie into the three goals for the week.

That’s it.

NO epic to do list.


[tweetherder]Just because I don’t believe in writing to do lists doesn’t mean I'm not a list lover.[/tweetherder] Heck, I’m an ambitious woman with a business and a family. Lists definitely have a place in my life.

I use lists to keep me centered and grounded.

[tweetherder]My lists are here to remind me of my boundaries and what I need to thrive in my life and business.[/tweetherder]

Are you willing to trade in your giant, rambling to-do list for one of these four?

Perhaps give all of them a try and watch how your life and business performance improves.

4 Lists Every List Maker Needs to Make

A Thrive List

This list answers the question — what do you need to thrive? It's designed to get you out of survival mode and focused on what you need to prosper and grow. Stretch yourself to think beyond your basic needs. Give yourself permission to want more from yourself and your life.

Sometimes this means giving yourself permission to do less.

Maybe you need rest to thrive. Time for manicures or drinks with friends. Much of my list doesn’t cost any money at all. And sprinkled in between the cozy goodness of snuggles with my kids and cuddle time with my man are things like leather seats in my next vehicle.

It’s OK to want more my friends.

Dream bigger.

A Boundaries List

A boundaries list is actually two lists. One list that details what’s acceptable or what you’re OK with in your life and business. For example, It’s acceptable for me take Friday’s off for self-care. The other list details what’s not acceptable or what you are NOT OK with in your life and business. For example, It’s not acceptable for me to waste hours a day on Facebook.

Things that are acceptable would be anything that aligns with your values, vision, and goals. Stuff that’s not OK would be anything that drains you of energy, robs you of your positive vibe, and is harmful to your health (including your sanity).

Hint: Sometimes it’s easier to start with what’s not acceptable.

An Energy Drainers List

This list is where you put all the things you need to stop doing because they drain you of energy. These are people, places, tasks, etc. that you are going to let go of so you can step into your life and business with maximum energy and vitality. Letting go of energy drainers is KEY to playing BIGGER.

Scared Sh!t List

A list of all the things that scare you. Public speaking, asking your boss for a raise, having *that* talk with your partner, telling your kids NO, asking clients or friends for referrals. ALL of it goes on this list. Each week pull out this list and pick ONE thing you will do to challenge your comfort zone. This is where your growth will happen.

What Now?

Write your lists down in your journal or notebook. Review them DAILY to ensure you are taking action, upholding boundaries, and challenging your comfort zone.

What would you put on your Scared Sh!t List? Come join my private Facebook community and let me know.


4 Lists Every List Maker Needs (and it's NOT a to-do list!) - Tara Newman Coaching