4 Tips For Creating a Vision That Gets Results

Disclosure- The post contains affiliate links to Amazon.com. If you purchase something via the link, I might receive a very small commission. The items listed are all things I have used, read, and recommend. 4 Tips For Creating a Vision That Gets Results - Tara Newman CoachingDo you ever wonder how you will differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace? Because let’s face it, every marketplace is crowded these days. The internet has created a low barrier to entry and entrepreneurship is the new hot thing.

So, why would anyone want to buy from you? What is going to make your ideas stick, launch, and last?

I’ll tell you a secret. You need to know where you’re going.

Building a business that grows into something great doesn’t happen by accident. It happens ON PURPOSE.

Your primary role as the leader of your business is to set and communicate a clear vision for your life and your business.

Building a business that creates a legacy requires a bold vision, and a bold vision is a powerful tool.

But, just picturing what kind of house you might like 5 years from now is a wasted opportunity. Today I want to share with you how to create a vision that is concrete and gets results.

This topic came up in my private Facebook group, so I figured I would answer it here. I have four tips for how you can create a vision that gets results. So settle in, get yourself a tea and let’s do this.

1. Create a vision ten years into the future.

I want you to really commit to this - expand from where you are and look far, far, into the future. Here’s what I’ve learned from coaching difference makers-- the people that truly make an impact:

If you want to BE a difference maker, you MUST do something different.

Look at your current repertoire and ask yourself: Where am I settling? Who must I become to step into my next level of success? What is THE MOST audacious thing I can accomplish that in doing so sets my world on fire? What will make me leap out of bed in the morning? What transformation needs to happen in the next 10 years?

Don’t settle, I want you to have a huge, courageous vision for yourself. But listen, this is HARD. It’s hard to push yourself beyond what is comfortable and believable in this moment. Do it anyway.

A vision of next week is essentially just a to do list. In order to create a vision which will really get you results, we need the long game. To be able to get the amount of thought and detail down and so that the task has the gravitas it deserves, we’re going big (or going home).

2. Take time and care when creating it.

If you’re going to be dreaming big and stepping into your future self ten years from now, that’s not going to happen quickly with 15 minutes of journaling. It might take 15 minutes of journaling for a month to come up with this vision for yourself, so be patient, take time and care when going through this vision.

Don’t be surprised if it’s much harder than you thought it would be. For example, me, I’m 39, so in ten years from now I’m going to be 49 – which is a big jump – and my life is going to be in a different place.

My children will be 17 and 20, which is kind of heartbreaking as a mom to think that far in advance, and my husband and I are going to be in a much different place in our lives. This created a fair amount of resistance for me. Trust yourself to lean in and stick with it.

Consider getting support around mapping out your vision. Someone who will challenge you to think bigger and encourage you to believe in what is possible for you and your business.

3. Ask yourself powerful questions.

Ask yourself powerful questions about where you are in this future state, because visions are supposed to be aspirational in the future state, they’re supposed to be a guide post for you over the next ten years, so ask yourself some powerful questions.

Remember, bold leaders ask great questions.

Here are some examples, don’t feel you have to stick to these but they should kick start your thinking:

  • What will you be doing for work?
  • Who will you be working with?
  • How much money do you want to be earning ten years from now?
  • Where will you be living?
  • What five people are you spending the most time with?
  • What kind of clothes do you wear? Is your style the same or has your style changed?
  • What does your health look like?
  • What does self-care look like for you in ten years?

For me I no longer have two small children and I’ll have more time for myself, so what does that look like for me? Am I traveling more? If I’m traveling more, where am I going? Who am I traveling with? You have to get really detailed or as detailed as you can to really visualize this future state that you’re creating.

A great resource is The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. At the end of every chapter she has these really thought provoking questions that could help you maybe create a vision for yourself in the future.

4. Really stretch beyond what you think is possible for you.

Innately we have this ability to keep ourselves playing small, so challenge yourself to stretch what is possible for you.

Remember, you have ten years to achieve it, and I guarantee if you focus on writing this vision and review it regularly, and if you stretch yourself, this vision will come true sooner than ten years from now.

We are always so much closer than we think.

Maybe you have a big vision to expand your team so you can have more time freedom or you want to start another business.Once you focus your mind there and think,

  • let me think about the kind of systems I need?
  • what kind of roles do I need to create?
  • who would I like to have on my team?
  • how can I grow my revenue to support this investment?

It starts to become really possible and not so impossible once you acknowledge that this is part of your vision.

#TOP TIP If you’re struggling to step into this ten year vision, one thing that I’ve done in the past that’s been really helpful is write myself a note from my future me. Ten years from now I’m going to be 49 so I would write myself a note to 39 year old Tara from 49 year old Tara.

I start it off really high vibe like, “Dear Tara, you will not believe what you have accomplished. Let me tell you all the things that you’ve done. Here’s how you’ve been awarded, or here are the courses you’ve taken, or here’s the business you’ve built, whatever it is that you think could be possible for you. Here’s how much money you’re making, here are all the trips you’ve been on, here’s how your relationship looks like with your husband and your children. “

You’ll write yourself a letter from your future self which kind of makes it fun and takes away some of the resistance from actually creating that ten year vision.

So my four tips for creating a vision that gets results are:

  1. Create it for ten years and be bold
  2. Take time and care when you’re creating this vision
  3. Ask yourself powerful questions
  4. Stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible

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