4 Ways To Accelerate Results With Greater Ease

4 Ways To Accelerate Results With Greater Ease - Tara Newman Coaching
4 Ways To Accelerate Results With Greater Ease - Tara Newman Coaching

I know what it’s like, you wish for faster, bigger, better, quicker results. Wonder how you accelerate them but then feel exhausted at the mere thought.

Ever wonder how you can get better, faster, more impactful results without working yourself to the bone and feeling burnt out?

Usually what happens is we think we must:

  • Work harder
  • Put in more hours
  • Take another course
  • Get another certification

I’m here to tell you, that’s really not how you get better and faster, or more impactful results.

I’ve found with myself and my clients that there are ways that you can get these results, but with greater ease.

1. Slow down

I know it’s counter-intuitive but hear me out!

Sometimes we have to slow down to go faster. We need to step back, give it a little more thought, and then move forward instead of pushing forward with reckless abandon and not really having a strategic focus.

2. Know what you don’t know

Stop being so pig headed. You can’t do it all, you don’t know it all. Check your pride, and your ego at the door and admit that there are things that you don’t know.

3. Ask for help

This is so hard for everyone, but when you ask for help and you’re open to receiving help, you get more done. You start to get that knowledge that you don’t have – remember point 2! Find people who know what you don’t know, and ask them for help.

4. Ask yourself these two questions

Leaders – especially bold leaders – they relentlessly self-assess daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Two great questions to help you relentlessly self-assess are what’s working, and what’s not working?

We need to be able to be self-critical without being judgemental and getting all in our heads, so once you know what’s not working you need to take responsibility for it. You need to take responsibility for what’s not working, ask for help or just identify it so you can change it.

If we keep doing the same thing, we’re going to keep getting the same result, so what’s not working?

Change it and take responsibility for it. It’s okay that it didn’t work that time round. Very few things are perfect on the first pass. Like I’ve said, the trick is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND TAKE ACTION.

And the things that ARE working? Do more of them! Celebrate them! We are all so quick to focus on the “failings” (can you see me doing the air quotes?) that we can spend too little time checking out the wins.

If something is working well, figure out why. Is it something you’re insanely good at? Is it a super efficient process you have in place? Is it something you deal with as a team or alone? Study what works and replicate it.

You can do this.

Love and Leadership.


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4 Ways To Accelerate Results With Greater Ease - Tara Newman Coaching
4 Ways To Accelerate Results With Greater Ease - Tara Newman Coaching