5 Ways Your Goal Setting is Keeping You Stuck (and stopping you from making money)

5 Ways Your Goal Setting is Keeping You Stuck (and stopping you from making money)
5 Ways Your Goal Setting is Keeping You Stuck (and stopping you from making money)

Let me guess…

Right about now you’re thinking “goals? What goals?”


You’re thinking

“I set SMART goals so I’m good Tara. No problem here.”


After 20 years helping business leaders create strategic action plans and set goals, I can tell you that SMART goals are actually pretty stupid.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh?

Conventional wisdom says if you make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound you should be good to go. So then why do SO many of the people I speak to struggle to set and, more importantly, achieve their goals.

They set a goal and then... nothing. They are paralyzed with inaction.


They set the goal, achieve the goal, and then beat themselves up that they didn’t crush the goal.


They set the goal, achieve the goal, and then feel unfulfilled upon actually getting what they wanted.


They set the goal, achieve the goal, but the outcome didn’t quite get the results they expected.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does. And this is OH SO FRUSTRATING!

The real result is a lack of forward progress and by progress I mean a lack of income as a business owner.

If you’re working in someone else’s business, it still impacts your wallet. We all know that demonstrating clear results is the best way to get a raise or an increase to your departments budget. So let’s dive in.

5 Ways Your Goal Setting is Keeping You Stuck (and stopping you from making money):

You’re setting a goal that “looks” good.

Goals that look good but aren’t tied to any kind of substance or meaning for you will most likely fizzle. They lack the passion, commitment, and desire required to take the actions required to succeed. Not only will you not achieve this goal (even if it’s a revenue goal) but it will cost you valuable time, money and energy chasing down the wrong path.

You set TOO MANY goals.

You’re ambitious. I get it. I am too. You want to achieve all the things and you want to achieve them NOW! But the reality is that accomplishing anything of substance requires a level of consciousness that most aren’t able to master. When you spread yourself too thinly, nothing actually gets accomplished except a lot of spinning. Spinning is leadership kryptonite.

Not Investing in your success.

Achieving your goals will require you to stretch beyond where you are today. You’re going to need support, organization, self-management and personal development. In other words, LEADERSHIP.Making strategic investments will ensure you have everything you need to step into your success. It will also ultimately save you time, money, and energy -- your three most precious resources.

You’re not reviewing your progress on a regular basis.

The BEST performing and highest earning leaders relentlessly self-assess. This means they are reviewing their goals, progress and performance regularly. Weekly! Monthly at most.This allows you to better manage the results your want and to tweak your actions as you go. What you measure, improves. Or like Tony Robbins says

“where your focus goes, energy flows.”

You’re biting off WAY more than you can chew.

You want it. You want it all. And you want it yesterday. But what you’re not realizing is there is a process -- an order in which things need to be accomplished.Let’s quickly look at revenue. You have to start at the beginning. Be the person who makes $2,000 per month before making $5,000 per month. And you need to make $5,000 per month before you can make $10,000 per month and SO ON. Declaring a $250,000 revenue goal when you’re only at $80,000 is a recipe for unfulfillment, hustling, and burnout if you don't have a plan to get your there. If you’ve read this far, I know you are a bold leader committed to getting real results in your business. And not only do you want real results, you want to quit hustling so hard to get them.


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Goal Setting Keeping You Stuck
Goal Setting Keeping You Stuck