Bold Leaders Plan with Soul

Bold Leaders Plan with Soul - Tara Newman Coaching
Bold Leaders Plan with Soul - Tara Newman Coaching

If I say the word “PLANNING”, how do you feel? Excited? Bored? Full of dread? Like you’d rather stick pins in your eyes?

So many of the amazing, bold leaders in my tribe struggle with planning. Planning of any kind -- weekly planning, strategic planning, yearly planning, goal setting -- sends shockwaves of resistance through their entire being.

Planning doesn’t have to feel scary, tortuous, or fueled by fear of impending failure.

My favorite time of the week is Sunday morning while my family is still deep in their sacred slumber.

I’ve identified that sweet spot of time that allows me to sleep in but rise before my boisterous crew and put boots on the ground.

The Vitamix whirs up my bullet proof coffee (coffee + coconut oil + vanilla extract + cinnamon) and I journey back over the last week looking for insights, lessons learned, and reflect on the upcoming week.

For you planning phobes -- that's all planning is to me -- a reflection of where I've been and the possibility of where I am going.

It's not about jamming shit into boxes and MUST do's. It’s not about creating a to do list a mile long.

That doesn't FEEL good and rarely gets you where you want to go.

When you create the space for flow to flow, you will be amazed at what magic gets uncovered.

I’m a big fan of just letting your brain riff and jam on life. Easy peasy.

The week that seemed uninspired or fraught with challenges turns into soul guiding wisdom.

Here’s what transformed for me during this week’s biz soul session:

For me, this week has had many reminders. The biggest one is to always be bold in declaring your desires. The second you take your intention off bold declarations in your life and business you start to fall back into your comfort zone.

There have been a lot of things not working for me in my leadership. In my desire to reach the end goal, I've sacrificed some values which has left me feeling out of integrity.

I've been resisting the very things I want the most. Because change on any level is uncomfortable and requires presence of mind. It's easy to fall back into the old ways of doing things.

Which is what I've been fighting this week.

In resisting my truest desires, I am resisting the essence of WHO I am -- my vision, values, desires, and strengths. Funny how that happens, huh?

So, why the resistance?


We all have FEAR. It never goes away. Fearlessness is bullshit.

Fear of what?

I'm changing my ideal client and only marketing to women. I fear losing clients who are men because at times they represent 50% of my private client base.

If a man wants to work with me will I turn them away? NO but they have to be a very special man :-)

As I ebb and flow through this entrepreneurial journey my message is changing. It's becoming more divergent from academic or corporate leadership messages.

I'm speaking out against or disagreeing with old mentors and the training I've had.

While I've always been a rebel, I've also spent a lot of time upholding. I've never FIRMLY stood and declared rebel status. I've never said, “you know what?”

I'm just a badass hippie and this is my truth.

What happens when I go out there and stand in my spiritual gangster -ish-ness?

Do I attract people who want to be airy fairy? Because that's not cool with me.

Because while I'm a rebel-hearted FEELER, there is NO denying the power of TAKING ACTION!

So, I get stuck in the duality where you're either spiritual or your strategic but I'm not sure both can happen.

Do you see my limiting belief?

And we KNOW for a fact it's not true because I'm the very proof of my limiting belief being false. And so are many of you :-)

SO, where does that leave me now?

Freaking out in fear? Resisting like a resistant mofo? Cowering in a corner? Giving in to ego who wants you to stay small?


Planning gives you perspective.

It allows you to see what you couldn’t see before you started.

Planning gives you a path to possibility and TRANSFORMATION.

It’s an opportunity to show up as your MOST CERTAIN self and DECLARE your intentions for a new week.

It’s an opportunity to take responsibility for your next best move and TRUST it's exactly where you need to be.

You have to plan to be a BOLD LEADER.

Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Trust God.

What does this look like practically speaking?


Because this is the ONLY way you will make an impact in the world.

And it all starts with a 15 minute weekly, soul inspired planning session.

So kick your planning resistance to the curb and COMMENT BELOW to let me know what you’re declaring for the week.

Love + Leadership Tara

PS. Grab one of my 20 minute Strategy + Soul Planning Assessments if you’re ready to stand in your BOLD leadership.

Bold Leaders Plan With Soul - Tara Newman Coaching
Bold Leaders Plan With Soul - Tara Newman Coaching