Bold Leaders Wanted

Bold Leaders Wanted - Tara Newman CoachingFor the last few months I’ve struggled with the energy and direction of my mission. I’ve wanted to feel deeply rooted in my purpose but something felt slightly off. I underestimated the impact that leaving my 18 year corporate career would have on every fiber of my being. In leaving my corporate career, I obtained the most audacious goal I have ever set for myself and achieved a 10 year vision.

This meant new audacious goals and a new 10 year vision.

Feeling into my next steps took time. While stepping into my own business felt joyous and triumphant, it also felt heavy.

It wasn’t until I surrendered to myself, the moment, the feelings that I was able to see clearly where my mission was headed and where my voice was needed.

This is very much a standing on the edge and leaning in moment.

In these situations we all feel fear, self-doubt, and hiccups in our confidence. We are not designed to be fearless beings and courage comes with practice.

Our fear often drowns out all other thoughts and only allows us to hear our doubts and misgivings.

A good leader, a bold leader, knows when to retreat and listen.

They know when to be quiet, observe, and go within.

Because leadership is an inside-out kind of job.

Because a loud voice does not make a leader.

Loud is not bold. Loud is noise.


Bold leaders…

Strategic leaders…

They know when to listen -- to themselves and those around them. True leaders know how to listen to what isn’t being said.

Great leaders ask great questions.

Bold leaders will ask the question no one is willing to ask.

They will challenge you to think differently.

They will call out the truth that lies inside of you.

Bold leaders ignite a revolution that you weren’t sure existed.

And here is what I know FOR SURE:

Bold leadership is a requirement for extraordinary living.

It’s a requirement for building a business that lasts -- that leaves a legacy (thanks to my husband and father for this reminder).

It’s a requirement for building REAL relationships -- fiery, passionate relationships whether romantic or otherwise.

It’s a requirement to build high performing teams that operate from vision and purpose.

It’s a requirement for raising resilient children.

And it’s a requirement for giving, gratitude, and wealth creation.

Bold leadership is a requirement for you to seize success in every area of your life and business.

So, I’ve redesigned my private Facebook community, The Bold Leadership Collective, for those of you who want to commit to leading boldly.

For those of you who are ready to challenge the status quo, have unconventional conversations, to build businesses that last and to do it with integrity.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Thanks for leading.

PS. Bold Leaders Wanted ---> The Bold Leadership Collective

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