Here's what I suck at...

You know what I kind of suck at?

Valuing myself.

There I said it.

here's what i...

I know I’m not alone. This comes up time and time again with my clients.

About six months ago I read the book Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth.

I saw myself in those pages. The person who puts their head down, does the work, and silently waits to be acknowledged for it. When acknowledgement doesn’t come (in the form of money, promotion, or even kind words) I work harder. My drive for results becomes compulsive.

And I wait for the acknowledgement to come.

Sometimes it never comes. Sometimes it’s a few bucks that equate to a pat on the back.

Can you relate?

SO, after reading this book and having a great deal of self awareness around my own behavior. I realized that I’m responsible for communicating my value or not.

I marched into my boss’ office.

I was prepared and laid out every bit of value I have brought and continue to bring to the organization.

I calmly spoke my truth relating fact after fact.

The result?

A fairly sizable increase.


Fast forward six months...

You would think that after that experience, owning my worth and valuing my work would come easy.

It doesn’t.

Case in point…promoting and marketing myself as a coach.

It’s scary to have to put myself out there and shout my value from the rooftops.

[tweetherder]I guess I’m human after all…wanting people to like me (and not find me salesy or annoying).[/tweetherder]

But if I want to be successful...

If I want YOU to be successful...

I can’t limit my thinking like that.

[tweetherder]I have to own my value and lead others to do the same.[/tweetherder]

I have to trust that people will see my good intentions, my desire to serve, my confidence in what I have to deliver.

So, here it goes. Me owning my value.

I have this awesome small group e-Course called From Stuck to Unstoppable. I created it just for you from my years of personal and professional experience.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Get clear on what you want the most.
  • Live free from overwhelm.
  • Find the time, space, and energy to create your future.
  • Choose focus over frenzy.
  • Redefine balance in your life and business (or career).

What you walk away with:

  • The confidence to kick the status quo to the curb.
  • A custom roadmap to your next level life.
  • Permission to live authentically and unapologetically.
  • Freedom to rock your fullest potential in your life and business.

What You Get:

  • A workbook with six weeks of exercises and eight audio files.
  • Weekly exercises delivered via email.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Daily accountability and challenges from me through the Facebook Group.


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Start Date:

Whenever you're ready!

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