5 Tips to Help You Delegate (like a BOSS!)

5 Tips to Help You Delegate via @familysportlife #organization #productivity #gettingthingsdone  This is the fifth installment of the Getting Organized for the Week Ahead series where we have talked about capturing our thoughts and how to establish a process for evaluating our lists. We discussed the importance of writing things down as well as how we might want to handle our most chaotic weeks. But what about maximizing the time we have each week to get the right things done. We don't want to just get things done. We want to focus on completing the actions that have the biggest return on our investment. The actions that get us closer to our goals and strongly align us with our vision.

After I write all my thoughts down, I separate them into three buckets.

Bucket 1: Basic needs

This is what needs to happen each week to keep your life from collapsing. Groceries, laundry, work, kid stuff (if you are a parent), errands for items deemed important, and some level of tidying up.  You know, the stuff that makes life kind of unfun!

Bucket 2: Actions

For me, actions are the steps I need to complete to bring me closer to my goals. This is where I want my focus to be for the majority of the week. Making my big, fat, hairy, muppet-like dreams a reality!

Bucket 3: Ideas

These are usually tied to my goals and may or may not be relevant. Sometimes these ideas are solid and other times they are just "flights of fancy." Since only time will tell if they are viable, ideas get parked in a "Maybe Later" file.

A Productivity Story

As a productivity devotee I have spent a lot of time being productive and just as much time being unproductive. That's life. I am not a productivity expert, I don't have all the answers and I am certainly not perfect.

My shift from productive to unproductive occurred when my second child was born. I spent years feeling totally overwhelmed. All the processes I had for my productivity were no longer valid. My time seemed to evaporate. I was miserable and disappointed in my struggle to be the person of action I used to be.

When I couldn't take it any longer, I developed my new system which I outline in Getting Organized for the Week Ahead. My ability to continually strive toward my goals and be effective in my life hinges on one concept. CLEAR THE WAY!

In order for me to have the best week ever, I need to focus on actions that will bring me closer to my vision and goals. This means I need to CLEAR THE WAY of the basic needs.

How do you CLEAR THE WAY?

By doing the quick turnaround action for this week!

Quick Turnaround Action:

1. For each item on your basic needs list decide whether you are going to DO IT, DELETE IT or DELEGATE IT.  The more I delegate or delete our basic needs, the more time I have to focus on my vision and goals.

Feeling Ambitious?

You can simply do the quick turn around action for the week and sit with it.  I am all for taking things slow and absorbing the lesson.  However, if you are raring to go, let's talk about DELEGATE IT!

When considering delegation, consider these three aspects:

  • Automate. Example - Getting household items (toilet paper, dishwasher pods, paper towels) from Amazon's subscribe and save program. Schedule in how often you need them and they are delivered.
  • Outsource. Example - Hiring someone to clean the house every few weeks.
  • Delegate. Example - Chores for the kids or dividing responsibility with a spouse (or a roommate or anyone else who can do the task).

How to delegate like a BOSS:

1. Create workflows for the tasks you need to delegate.  This takes time but pays off in the end.  I find checklists the easiest way to communicate workflows to my family. 2. Know the strengths of the people around you and give them tasks that match their strengths. 3. Communicate the WHAT and the WHY but leave the HOW up to them. Unless you are delegating to kids.  Then use your judgment regarding what they need to be shown vs. giving them autonomy to complete how they think best. 4. Delegate the entire task, not bits and pieces. People are motivated by task completion. 5. Give them a say. Ask your team (family) What can they help you with? This will encourage engagement and buy-in.

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Share an example of how you have delegated successfully in the comments below.


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