How to Gain Focus For The Week Ahead

How to Gain Focus For The Week Ahead via @familysportlife A few months ago I documented a process of mine called Getting Organized for the Week Ahead.  Based on the daily traffic to this one post I knew I touched upon a large scale issue.  Then a few weeks ago I checked in with my email subscribers.  The responses I received from my "check-in" further solidified our struggle to get organized for our week, focus on what is essential, and somehow find the time for our higher level goals.

In my everyday conversations I hear things like:

  • "I can't keep up."
  • "My life is CRAZY busy."
  • "I have no time for myself."
  • "I am shot."
  • "I am exhausted."
  • "I feel scattered and don't know if I am coming or going."
  • "I am so distracted by everything I have going on."

Can you identify with any of these? I sure can.  A lot of my time and energy goes into keeping my mind focused on my goals.

What you might not realize is our struggle to get organized each week and our inability to meet our goals are related.  In order to balance what needs to happen (grocery shopping, wrangling kids, work) and what we want to happen ("me" time, special projects, personal goals) we need to be discerning with our priorities.

We need to understand HOW TO gain focus for the week ahead.  We need a process that allows us to whittle down our priorities to the critical few.  Believing that everything is a priority will only doom us to failure.

How to Gain Focus for the Week Ahead via @familysportlife

Our priorities should tie us back to our overall vision for ourselves and our families.

I wanted to provide us with a quick turnaround.  Something easy and immediate for us to take action on.  Let's start by simply answering three questions.  Easy peasy.

How to gain focus for the week ahead starts with answering these THREE questions:

  1. What would make this week the best ever?
  2. If I could only accomplish THREE things, what would they be?
  3. What is standing in my way?

That's it.  That is all you need to get started.  Define your weekly vision.  Focus on the critical few.  Create awareness around your obstacles.

How to Gain Focus for the Week Ahead via @familysportlife

Don't worry about coming up with solutions to your obstacles.  Just know they are there.  Solutions will arise organically as we work on becoming more focused on our priorities.  Naturally trade-offs will be made and the non-essential tasks will fall by the wayside.

Pick the same time each week to answer these three questions. My suggestion is to put it on your calendar.  I plan my week on Sunday morning.  Make answering these three questions a habit and a cornerstone upon which to build your week's organization.

How to Gain Focus for the Week Ahead via @familysportlife

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