How to Make Your Next Monday Less Manic

How to Make Your Next Monday Less Manic

How to Make Your Next Monday Less Manic

Do Monday mornings conjure up thoughts of "OMG soooo much to do" or "let's see how many different directions can I get pulled in today?"

Mondays, as the Bangles so aptly sang, can be a bit manic (oh, how I date myself!).

But I have good news for you!

They don't have to be. They can actually be quite productive.

When I say productive, I don't mean how can we get more crap done, I'm interested in getting the RIGHT things done. This often requires us to do LESS so that we can achieve MORE.

Here are 5 tips to make Monday's less manic and more productive:

1. A productive Monday starts on Friday (or the last day of your work week).

When you end work for the week, debrief your week; list your accomplishments, celebrate them and enjoy them. Look at the tasks that might not have gotten done and see if they are still important to carry over to next week.

Take time to review what worked and what didn’t work.  If something didn't work, acknowledge and move on. You don't need to fix it, just be mindful of it if it comes up again.

2. Create space in your weekend.

Create space for self-care and to let your brain rest. Do something to stop yourself from thinking and spend time reconnecting with family, friends or nature. Why not try unplugging over the weekend, so that you can really recharge and be ready for the week ahead.

3. Quit the weekend warrior stuff.

My husband’s a triathlete, so I see this frequently, athletes don’t get a chance to train during the week so they try to cram it all in on the weekend. Or, maybe you're someone who enjoys going out, you don’t do it during the week, and save it all for the weekend, and then you’re out late drinking with friends. That kind of inconsistency doesn’t work, it’s not productive.

What happens is Monday rolls around and you’re exhausted. You’ve violated your personal boundaries around your rest and routines, you’re sore because maybe you worked out too much over the weekend, or you’re hungover because you drank too much. If you want to workout or be social, it’s better to be more consistent with it than have the weekend come and try and fit it all in. That doesn’t set you up for success when Monday comes!

4. Connect with your vision for how you want to feel for the week.

How do you want to feel on Monday? And, how do you want to feel on Friday afternoon when the week is done and you’re celebrating your successes and acknowledging your accomplishments?

Take time to visualize your Monday morning and then visualize how you want your week to go, and finally, visualize how you want your week to wrap-up on Friday. Hold and review that vision every morning.

If you visualize having a Monday where you ease into it, it’s enjoyable and you feel enthusiastic, that’s the kind of Monday you’ll have. Create that for yourself through visualization. So often we have that dreaded feeling of obligation on Monday mornings, things we have to do, things we should do, things that suck the life out of us and it drags us down and diminish our energies.

[tweetherder]Decide what you’re going to stop doing, and commit to not doing it anymore. #NoMoreManicMondays[/tweetherder]

5. Give yourself permission to say NO

Come up with a list of things you’re going to stop doing. Think about what tasks you dread come Monday morning and stop doing them. Aim to remove at least one of them each week.

One way to tackle this is to create a list of energy drainers, in your life. Make a list of what you are able to stop doing today, and what what you're going to stop doing in the future. Some things take a little more work to be able to let it go, to delegate it, or outsource it.

Mondays don't have to be manic. They can be our most productive day of the week. Instead of spending your Sundays dreading the next morning, take these 5 steps and put them into practice. You'll be amazed at how quickly your view on Mondays turns around!

How to Make Your Next Monday Less Manic - Tara Newman Coaching

How to Make Your Next Monday Less Manic - Tara Newman Coaching