23 Reasons I Can't Live Without Evernote

Reasons I Cant Live Without Evernote via @familysportlife #evernote #organizationHave you ever went to the grocery store and left your grocery list at home? Have you ever needed to remember something a year later?  How about getting to the soccer field and forgetting what field your team is on? What about the time you went on vacation and left a critical piece of travel information at home?  If you have done even one of these, there is a simple solution for you.  Evernote. Evernote's slogan or tag line is "remember everything." It's the ultimate self-management tool.

Evernote is a cloud based, digital note taking system that allows you to create notebooks to hold all of your information. Think of Evernote as a multi-subject notebook.  Remember those from High School? You would label the subjects - Science, Math, English, etc.  In this case, you might name your Evernote "subjects" Kids, Recipes, Journal, Health Information, Training, Professional, etc.

You can make notes by writing text, uploading pictures, scanning documents as PDF's, recording your voice and more.  Evernote is basically my brain's backup.  Daily, I upload information to my Evernote notebooks to free up brain space.

I wear so many darn hats and have to keep track of an abundance of papers, dates, forms, thoughts, plans, etc.  Evernote has become equal parts life line and sanity saver.

Evernote's capabilities are endless and frankly that is where people struggle.  About three years ago I tried Evernote and I just didn't "get it."  I was missing a critical piece of Evernote functionality.  It's a blank slate.  It's designed to flex to your organization style and system.  It's as vast and expansive as you are.  It is not a template for how you should organize.  If you are scattered, your Evernote will be scattered too but at least you will be able to recall the critical information when you need it.  No more hunting for that rogue sticky note! What I learned was the more you use it, the more Evernote reveals to you.  I am glad I went back and gave it a second look because now I can't live without it.

Why I Can't Live Without Evernote:

  1. Parenting has rotted my brains and I can't remember anything.  Evernote is an extension of my memory.
  2. In a world where we face information overload on a daily basis, it helps keep my mind clutter free.
  3. It's a single space to write it all down - lists of any kind, project plans, blog posts, journaling, and the list is endless.  No other apps needed.
  4. It's a single space to capture - photos, voice recordings, web clippings, recipes, receipts, owner's manuals, basically anything that you would file!
  5. Evernote synchronizes across all devices - phone, tablet, and desktop. No need to lug around a binder full of information anymore!
  6. It's search feature is mighty. Retrieval of information, no matter how old, happens in seconds.
  7. It's free (you can upgrade to the premium version rather inexpensively).
  8. My data is mine.
  9. They have solid security protocols to protect your data.
  10. The ability to set reminders  gives Evernote task management functionality.
  11. Turn a party invitation into a task.  Scan the invitation into your "inbox" and write a note to "pick up present" and set a reminder. Never go last minute present shopping again.
  12. Do you dread all the papers that come home in school folders? The papers and forms worth keeping get scanned into a Notebook called "Kids."  Anywhere you go you can access class rosters, teacher guidelines, and extracurricular schedules.
  13. Have you ever been overwhelmed by all your child's fabulous art projects?  We pick our favorites and scan them into Evernote.
  14. Functional holiday gift lists.  The other week I was shopping at this boutique toy store for a birthday gift and found a ton of ideas for my kids holiday gifts.  I snapped a photo of each and captured them in a note called 2014 Holiday Gifts.  When I reviewed them in my free time, I checked on line pricing and noted the best prices.
  15. More on gifts - If left to his own devices, I may never receive an acceptable gift from my husband.  Therefore, I send links to our shared notebook of the things I like and title the note "Gifts for my awesome wife."  Then I set a reminder a few weeks before the date of the gift giving event to alert him he needs to start shopping.  Yeah, it's genius!
  16. My life requires the precision planning of a 4-Star General.  All the plans go into Evernote.  Weekly plans, monthly plans, annual plans, meal plans, special event plans, travel plans and coaching plans for my clients.
  17. Blogging has rendered my time management tenuous at best.  All blog related everything, goes into Evernote so I can work wherever/whenever/always.
  18. It helps with communicating annoying details to your significant other.  For example, each week I enter our babysitters Time Sheet into a shared notebook and set a reminder for John.  The reminder is set for the day and time he does the bills.
  19.  It greatly reduces relational tension when traveling.  We keep a MASTER Itinerary for each trip with all links, numbers, PDF of any confirmation letters, restaurant information and an outline of what we are doing each day.  We failed to do this for a trip recently and it wasn't pretty.  If traveling with larger parties, you can give everyone access to the travel note or notebook.
  20. Houses historical data.  Take camp for example.  Instead of trying to remember what I tipped last year, I just search for the note that is titled "Camp Tips."  Other historical data I like to keep -  past report cards, health forms, reciepts, bills, holiday lists from years past.  Tons of great stuff that you may only need once a year.
  21. Archives important emails.  When I say important I mean soccer schedules, all the events for Daisy's, the Boy Scout calendar, info from the PTA or Class Mom, school events, and email confirmations.
  22. Evernote helps us inch our way closer to being a paperless household.
  23. You no longer need to deal with business cards.  Evernote has a business card scanner and it connects with LinkedIn.

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How do you use Evernote? Leave all questions about using Evernote in the comments below.

I should mention this is not a sponsored post in anyway.  I just really think most people could benefit from a tool such as this.  If you would like to sign up for Evernote, you can use our referral link.  It comes at no extra cost to you but helps us earn points toward our premium membership.  You can also email me any questions you have about getting started, I would be happy to help!

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