Leading From Within - An Interview With Strong Body Whole Heart

What is possible for you if you develop your leadership from the inside out? Recently I was on the SBWH podcast, where I chatted about Leading From Within. As someone who has studied leadership academically as well as developing leaders for almost 20 years, I can tell you it's not about how many followers you have, how many long hours you log, or how much money you make.

For the last two years I have coached and developed many female executives and entrepreneurs to focus on doing "less but better."

I help women see that they can grow their businesses and get the results they desire with greater ease.

I've shared my health crisis on the blog before, but I used this as my catalyst to commit to my own dream of creating and owning my own business.

During the episode, I share one of the most common, underground conversations that women are having today. Seriously ambitious women are starting to talk about a different kind of balance that goes far deeper than work/life balance. The conversation is shifting to one of energy and specifically working from a place of both masculine and feminine energy.

We live in a society that rewards women for working more like men and many women fear the feminine parts of themselves seeing them as unproductive or not worthy of significant contribution.

This behavior of pushing, striving, results at any cost is causing many women to fall into deep cycles of workaholism often leading to burnout.

If women today want to shift old paradigms of success and start to bust through income ceilings, we must turn inward for the answers.

There is a leader in ALL of us.

We may not lead a team of people, but we are leading ourselves. Leading yourself is one of the most important jobs we have, just be sure to be gentle.

So many of my clients are ambitious, but are blocked off from their next level of success because they keep doing things as they've always done them.

They have a strangle hold on their goals.

They feel as though they NEED to make this happen (this is the masculine energy), instead of stepping back and allowing it to happen.

It is important to take time to reflect and really capture exactly where you are in life, RIGHT NOW. It's impossible to get where you want to go without knowing where you currently reside. You need to get present with your feelings, and how you're currently feeling before you can determine what you want to achieve down the road.

Do you struggle with letting go of "not good enough"?

Try these:

  •  Sit down and take an assessment of all of your skills, strengths, the results you've gotten for yourself and others, and determine what you've accomplished.
  • Come up with 50 things that YOU are GREAT at. Things that have gotten you results for others (or yourself), then find a way to make money doing these things.

While on the show I shared this takeaway...

Take the time to journal, and ask yourself, "What is possible for you today?"

I would love for you to take the time to do this and share your thoughts either in the comments below, or in my Facebook group.

You can listen to me on the podcast by using the player, below.