My Journey From Stuck to Unstoppable

Tomorrow I am unveiling my new e-course, From Stuck to Unstoppable. But before I give you all the down and dirty details, I want to share with you my story. My real truth so you can see WHY I feel so passionately about teaching people how to identify what's next in their life or business and how to go after it with confidence.

My Journey From

Back in 2005, we (the husband and I) simultaneously had a child and started a business.  Little did I know this turn of events would lead to immense personal growth, the demise of the person I was, and eventually a rebirth.  It also became the inspiration for my e-course, From Stuck to Unstoppable.

When we started our business, we decided my husband would run the operation and I would work full time for benefits and a steady paycheck.

Then I got pregnant and my role expanded — sole source of income + benefits, carry a child, birth a child, take care of child (while being sole provider), and be a sounding board for business ideas and plans. At the time I was tired but didn’t see how drastically this would impact my health.

I want to be upfront and say I’m not trivializing my husband’s role. He gave everything he had to that business which is exactly what he had to do.

The business was hard to get off the ground. We had a lot of starts and stops.  Our biggest lesson at this time was financial.  We were bleeding money everywhere — in business and in our personal life. My husband didn’t collect a paycheck for 10 months and when he did it was a fraction of what he used to earn.  We cut our personal expenses but not mercilessly enough (until we had no choice).

As we were gaining some momentum (in business), 2008 was the beginning of the end.  We added baby #2 and we experienced the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The economy was tanking.

The business (which was a manufacturing business) was tanking.

Our finances were tanking.

The only thing with a steady rise was our stress. Having two tiny humans counting on you while you’re exhausted and broke (and broken) was not how I saw my life evolving.

I can tell you that prolonged mental and emotional stress leads to a feeling of numbness (and ultimately chronic exhaustion). I completely detached from the person I was and became a shell of my former self.

Numb is worse than feeling stuck.

Numb is like death.

I couldn’t figure out how two smart, successful, high achieving people could fail so miserably and blow up an entire life in such a short period of time.

We went from a multiple six figure income to foreclosure notices in just a few years.

The result...

I gave up on success.

I gave up on big dreams.

I gave up on living a joyful life.

My marriage was falling apart too.  I think it’s safe to say we were mutually disgusted with each other’s inability to give what the other needed.

I needed a stable income from my partner.

He needed a positive, supportive, less depressed person to co-habitate with.

Finally, the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of changing. I gave up on giving up and decided to fight for everything I wanted.

The first thing I did was apply my work to my life.

The system I use to help organizations grow and develop could be applied to my life.  I realized, I was in need of a turnaround strategy.

Whatever I created needed to align with my values, identify key action steps, take into account my strengths, and help me find the support I needed to move forward.

When I focused on taking purpose-driven action, then I was able to go from feeling to numb to thinking about what’s next.

What came next for us...

We closed the business.

We positioned my husband in the job market so he received multiple (six-figure) job offers.

We identified our next big goals.

We rebuilt a life.

We repaired our marriage.

We are raising resilient kids.

We take pride in our journey and our story.

We have accomplished amazing things like my husband completing an ironman triathlon and me starting a business.

We have learned a lot about having the courage to live with purpose.  I also know this courage comes from the confidence and clarity I gained along the way.

That’s why From Stuck to Unstoppable works. I’ve tested it with lots of people including myself.  It will give you the confidence and clarity to courageously pursue your purpose.

Are you ready?

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