On Speaking Your Boldest Truths

On Speaking Your Boldest Truths

I've been deep in thought this weekend.

I've recently worked through some deeply ingrained beliefs that have held me back for a long time. They greatly impacted how I perceive myself. In doing this work I know that I have changed in ways I don't yet realize.

Sometimes the results of our transformation evolve over time. As a matter of fact, they usually pick up speed as time passes creating this feeling of exponential growth.

I know the ROI of this one shift will be massive. It has allowed me to step into a new level of confidence that I have been waiting on for over a decade. Yes, you read that right. A decade!

And simultaneously this scares the shit out of me.

All of a sudden I'm willing and able to speak an even DEEPER truth. I'm willing to give my opinion with way less fucks than ever before.

I don't know if I will ever stop wondering what people will think of me if I say x or y. I still worry on some level that someone will call me a fraud. That as I continue to go against the grain I will find haters.

I care because it's important that my message and stories are received with the intent in which I share them.

I also know I can't spend as much time worrying about that now. It's my time to steep into a much deeper level of self-trust.

I trust myself to speak unfiltered and unapologetically.

I trust my message will be received by those who need it most.

I trust my servant's heart won't lead me astray.

I trust when I deliver bold messages it will trigger others in a way that allows them to identify what is holding them back.

I trust when I share and communicate, it comes with no attachment to outcome.

I trust when I speak, it will persuade and influence people in the best possible way.

I trust when I share it will open communication and be INCLUSIVE.

I trust when I speak it will inspire trust and provide safety.

It's not easy being an empowered woman with A LOT to say -- most of it against the grain and rebellious.

And I am determined to find ease in doing what doesn't feel easy.

THIS is BOLD leadership -- vulnerable, empathic, and intentional.

What is your bold truth today?

Tara Newman