One Way to Save a TON of Time

One Way to Save a TON of TimeHave you spent the last few weeks stepping back and reflecting? I sure have.

I was relentless in reviewing both my successes and my failures. Yep, I confront my failures head on. Confronting our failures gives us valuable insight into how we can get better results going forward.

I've made a few good mistakes.

Some of these mistakes have even cost me thousands of dollars like hiring a web designer before I was clear on my business vision.

I even purchased a few products and courses out of FOMO (fear of missing out) but that is small potatoes given the mistake I'm going to share with you today.

Nothing costs money like mistakes that waste your time. Have you ever looked at how much your time costs? It ticks up quickly.

Ready to save a ton of time and ultimately money?

Trust me on this one.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

And I will add one more...

Stop caring what others think.

A wise mentor once told me "care but not that much." more.

You have everything you already need to get the results you want so be careful who you take advice from.

These mistakes cause you to second guess yourself. To feel less confident. You become inconsistent in your execution. It inhibits bold action taking.

Bold action taking and execution are what you need for forward progress.

[tweetherder]Forward progress is how you stay consistently motivated.[/tweetherder]

True success is an inside job and when we let our focus become outside-in, we have much to lose -- our dreams, our performance, real results and our potential.

Comparison, caring what others think, and looking for advice from the wrong people creates a lot of same-ness.

If you truly want to live an extraordinary life where you achieve dramatic results through your work and increase your influence, you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

So, stop being the same. Stop being ordinary.

[tweetherder]Comparison, FOMO, not wanting to rock the boat -- it's boring.[/tweetherder]

Everyone's doing it.

[tweetherder]Leverage what makes you unique.[/tweetherder]

You know what's awesome about this particular lesson?

It's 100% within your control to change right now. In every moment we are able to make a better choice.

Next time you begin to care too much what others think or start to drift into someone else's lane, make a different choice.

Choose to LEAD (not follow). Choose to put your vision into the world. Choose to re-read your goals. Choose progress over perfection. Choose bold expression. Choose love. Choose joy. Choose gratitude. Choose generosity.

The list of better choices is infinite.

Make 2017 the year you go after your desires with tenacity and perseverance knowing you are MORE than enough to make it happen.

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