3 Reasons You Aren't Performing Your Best

3 Reasons You Aren't Performing Your Best via @familysportlife #goals #performance Whether we like to think about life this way or not, it's a performance.  Every day we wake up and have to perform for someone.  The list of people expecting us to be our best is long - our partners, our kids, our bosses, and our teachers.  Perhaps the most important set of expectations comes from ourselves.

It is my experience that we all want to perform our best and nobody wakes up thinking "how can I suck today?"  Yet, there are days when we wake up without motivation or energy.  There are days we struggle to find our purpose and stay focused on our goals.  Sometimes days string into weeks and before we know it months have past and we find ourselves way off course.

Once we realize our performance is lagging, we start question "why is this happening?" or "how did I get here?"  While the answers can be many, here are a few thoughts that might shed some light.

3 Reasons You Aren't Performing Your Best

Lack of Structures or Systems

Structures or systems are how we stay organized and keep ourselves moving forward.  Structures can be visible or invisible mechanisms that help us manage our commitments and responsibilities.  Some support our commitments and our values and others do not.  For example: if we value our health, a structure that supports our commitment would be a routine for bringing lunch to work.  One that doesn't support this value would be waking up late and not preparing our lunch for the day.  A good way to tune into your structures is to be mindful of your behaviors and then ask "how does this serve me?"

Underlying Beliefs

You don't think you can succeed.  You don't think your worthy.  Your brain is stuck in a negative looping pattern of "I can't."  Like Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." For strategies on how to stop underlying beliefs that dis-empower you, check out 5 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks.

Lack of Vision and Purpose

It's not so much that we lack vision and purpose, it's that we have temporarily lost sight of it.  It's easy to do when social media throws everyone else's vision and purpose at you all day long.  One too many scrolls down your newsfeed and you may find yourself accidentally wandering down someone else's path.  An easy way to remedy this is by writing a personal vision statement and reviewing it regularly.

We all experience times when we don't perform our best.  What helps us get back on track is creating awareness and adapting strategies to get things back on track.  Look for a post coming later in the month where I will be giving you ways you can boost your performance!

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Have you had an experience where you weren't performing your best? What actions did you take to course correct?