14 Ways to Recharge for The New Year

I have a confession. I am feeling worn out. When I reflect back on this year, it's no wonder. This has been a year of tremendous personal and professional growth. Much of this growth is intangible. I haven't won any medals or earned a million dollars. What I have gained is WAY better - purpose, passion, and thoughts of limitless potential. I am closing out on a high note - in a place of confidence, clarity, and control. Are you feeling worn out? It's time to take a break and Recharge for the New Year via @familysportlife

It's been a tough year with illness, health issues, and missed goals. But along the way I have learned to enjoy the journey and trust my vision.

I have grown and stretched myself by taking on new opportunities and pursuing further credentialing in my field of work. Developing new skills and turning them into habits takes perseverance. While mentally taxing, my year has been transformative.

I didn't realize digging deep and dreaming big would require this much energy.

As I plan for 2015, I am excited but I am also not feeling as crisp or motivated as I desire. I find myself slightly on edge and quick to frustrate. More easily distracted, I don’t have the capacity to continually refocus.

These are the cumulative effects of a year where I have taken on challenges, pushed myself to develop new skills and work above my ability.

Taking care of yourself is THE BEST thing you can do for your performance and productivity.

For the remainder of the year, I am pulling back from blogging to give myself the margin I need to recharge for the New Year. But before I go, I want to leave you with some quick and immediate actions you can take to recharge yourselves!

14 Ways to Recharge for the New Year:

  1. Take a break. Sometimes we fear taking a break because we don't want to lose momentum. The opposite is true.
  2. Listen to music. I tend to use my listening time for podcasts and audio books. Time to give the brain a break.
  3. Stop all learning activities.
  4. Reduce a goal. I set a number of goals in December. I am going to find one and eliminate it.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. Watch a funny movie. Laughing is good for the soul.
  7. Unplug.
  8. Read a book for pleasure.
  9. Yoga.
  10. Acknowledge yourself for your hard work and all your amazing accomplishments.
  11. Thank someone for their support.
  12. Express your gratitude to the world and buy someone a cup of coffee.
  13. Spend some time making heart-centered decisions
  14. Look in the mirror and say “I love you."

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What I have learned from some of my favorite athletes is that everyone needs an off season. No matter what your grind, take a break! Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season.


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