Why Strategy Isn't Enough, You Need Soul Too

Why Strategy Isn't Enough, You Need Soul Too - Tara Newman CoachingWow - first 90 days of 2016 gone already! How did things shake out for you?

Do you feel like you’re failing in your business? That you haven’t achieved what you wanted to in the last 90 days? That everyone else must be so much further ahead than you?

That’s EXACTLY what was running through my head last week.

So from me to you, with love...


Let’s think this through with a little bit of calm and a whole lot of non-attachment.

At the end of any period, it’s critically important to take the time to review, reflect and reset on your goals and strategy.

Here’s why:

In January I created a banging’ 90 day plan. It looked good. It felt good. My metrics were aligned so I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve success and what it would look like when success was achieved.

The first few weeks were killer. Execution was easy breezy. And then I went from full tilt to a full stop. The ease was gone and it was all grind.

My creativity wasn’t flowing. I was comparing myself to others. My decisions were being made from a place of fear and anxiety. My clients were becoming the most beautiful and painful mirrors of my soul. Except as an empath I didn’t have the right protections in place to process this realization.

And then it happened…

Total breakdown. A spiritual shitstorm that was so intense there was no graceful way out. The next best move was so clear but not so easy.

I’ve spent the greater part of two decades pushing through — head down do the work. When something messy would come up, I would beat the shit out of it until it was small enough to fit in a box that I could shove in the darkest recesses of my soul.

I can’t do that anymore. It doesn’t work. That kind of self-violence leaves you exhausted, depleted, and cripples any chance you have at living your dreams.

It cripples your leadership.

You know that next best move I mentioned…it’s called surrender.

So I let go.

Four weeks into the new year, I pitched my 90 day plan in the fuckit bucket.

I took on no new clients in February and cleared my calendar so I could pour hours of work into myself.

It felt selfish but now I see the selflessness in it. If we stay the same, we remain small forever. We will never be able to share our story, our work, and our gifts with the world. We will never be the light for another person who might need to find their way.

And if I can’t take these bold moves and do the deep inner work, how can I expect my clients to do the work — they must do this work. We must all do this work.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, you know?

So when I sat down a few days ago to do my 90 day review — to take a deep and critical look at my business through the lens of a LEADER, I was surprised by what I found.

  • Business growth is directly related to personal growth.
  • Soul expansion equals business expansion.
  • Spiritual maelstroms give way to business alignment.

In the absence of a plan and in the midst of an existential life crisis, my business transformed in ways I thought impossible.

  • Social channels are engaged.
  • My amazing community of bold leaders are engaged.
  • My creativity is flowing.
  • Execution is effortless and easeful and lightening fast.
  • Clients are booking in and not any clients — the most dreamy, swoon-worthy, inspiring humans who are READY to lead in the world. People I connect with on a soul level. People who are ready to do this kind of work too.
  • My business is completely aligned.
  • New programs are being birthed in a way that feels good.

Here’s the GINORMOUS lesson:

Prior to sitting down I was in white hot panic over the failure of my year thus far — sweaty, labored breathing, fuck this adulating thing, give me my corporate job back panic.

Then I got ballsy. I dug in to the P&L, the metics, and all the feels — they revealed my most successful 90 days yet. MASSIVE momentum and wins. Sure, I had to take responsibility for some things but even that felt easeful.

So what I really want to say to you is:

Don’t be so quick to judge your failure or lack of achievement. Go back through the last 90 days with a critical (non-judgmental) eye to see where your have succeeded. We are hard on ourselves. The ‘not enough” talk is loud, incessant and cuts deep. But it’s also NOT TRUE.

Are you looking to rock the triangle pose between strategy and soul?

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Why Strategy Isn't Enough, You Need Soul Too - Tara Newman Coaching