Stuck? Your New Life Starts Here.

I am so excited to have Jillian O'Keefe from Baby Doodah here today.  Jillian and I have worked together one-on-one and in my small group coaching program, From Stuck to Unstoppable. She is here today to share HOW MUCH her life and business have changed over the last four months (proud coach moment!). Keep reading till the end for a special offer!

Stuck- Your New Life Starts Here.

Jillian's Story

Looking as far back as I can remember, I've had an entrepreneurial mindset. I had a paper route and loved that because I was my own boss and in charge of the income I received (based on my collections). I had several other small ventures throughout my childhood years (jewelry and other crafts), but completely forgot that as I entered the working world.

Then, I had my son. He re-opened my eyes to the thought of owning my own successful business, working from home and being able to parent, while still contributing to my family's income.

However, I was lost. I had ideas. OH, did I have the ideas! But, I had no clue on how to take action on them.  Enter Tara!

Feeling stuck

Before I started working with Tara, I was completely lost. I had no direction. I was involved with an MLM company, hoping to make some money, and that's ALL I was in it for (the money). Tara, worked with me, one on one, to help me realize my potential. Believe it or not, I had no idea.

 Tara is action focused

She helped get me to a point where I knew creating and growing a business would only be valuable to me, if it was something I loved. We started easy, going through what my big long-term goals were, to working on narrowing those down, to then tackling them bit by tiny bit.

One small goal each day, can lead to HUGE results!

The agenda is always yours

I'd bring the ideas, she'd guide me with her pointed questions. Each week's session would be a mix of working through my wins, losses and struggles from the past week, and tackling the next steps I wanted to take with my business. I never left a call feeling lost. I ALWAYS had a direct path to follow for the coming week.

 Bite-sized actions win every time

At the end of every session Tara would ask me what 3 goals can you set for yourself, that you will absolutely accomplish this week.

She was never asking me for a huge goal, one that would surely set me up for failure, she was looking for one of those tiny goals that I mentioned above. Something as simple as searching out other individuals in my niche (virtual assistance and social media management), and seeing how they packaged their products.

Please notice, the task was NOT create my packages, but even simpler, search out how other's package their services. (Start tiny, end with big results!)

 It's always about you

One other thing I want to mention, is that these tasks were set by ME. Tara guided me to them, but they were items I chose, so that I was personally invested in each and every one. She supported my decisions and the path I took.

It worked!

Within our 6 week session, I was able to put in my 30 day notice to my day job.

Yes, you read that correctly. With Tara's guidance, my hard work, and laser focus on the end goal, I was able to create my business and leave my day job. I was going to be able to be home with my son, work and still contribute to the family's income. I firmly believe I wouldn't have had this without her.

 She will save you time

If I'm being 100% honest, I had been working towards this goal for 2 1/2 years, with little success. If I had only met Tara back then...

 Considering coaching?

If you're full of ideas and need help focusing, contact Tara.

If you've ever thought about starting a business, but have no clue where to start, Tara's your woman!

If you want to work with someone who is intelligent, kind, motivating and can push you out of your comfort zone, please hire Tara!

Hey! It's Tara again.

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