From Stuck to Inspired + On Fire: A Personal Case Study

From Stuck to Inspired + On Fire

Do you ever have times in your life where you feel stuck or uninspired?

And then there are times when you feel powerful beyond measure.

Then, there are the majority of days spent feeling "ho hum." You are grateful you don't feel powerless but not quite able to connect with your mojo.

Man have I been there! Mojo-less, without umpf, coasting by daydreaming about how someday I will step into my greatness. You know, when all the stars and moons and rainbows align.

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela

My clients have been here. My friends have been here. My social media feed has been here - mocking themselves "why can't they get their sh** together?"

The other day, I conducted a mini experiment for my From Stuck to Unstoppable Workshop. I asked my social followers "what are the reasons you are feeling stuck or adrift in your career, biz, life, or relationships?"

I received a lot of "I don't knows."

Does this sound like you?

As a coach, I recognize the words "I don't know" for what they are.  Resistance.  Yes, I realize it is weird to resist unsticking ourselves.  It seems that what we want the most also scares us the most.

We all experience resistance. Opportunities to resist our power, strength and greatness are everywhere.  We procrastinate.  We scroll endlessly through our Facebook feeds.  We tell ourselves we need more planning before we can take action.  We care too much about what others think of us.  We shrug, say "I don't know", and redirect our attention to someplace less meaningful.

But let's get back to our moments of lost mojo. Times when we feel stuck, adrift, like we are waffling, uninspired, or unmotivated.

Let's use me as a case study.

Here are some times in my life when I've felt stuck and the fears that accompanied those times:

Between college and grad school: I realized my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist had changed. I felt like I had just dumped four years of hard efforts down the drain. Fear: Not knowing who I was anymore.

Staying in a stressful job with an insane commute: Everything about this job was wrong. I toughed it out until I couldn't. In my head I broke a lot of rules when I quit and I was jobless. Fear: Not being good enough to get another job.

Being a new mom of two: Adding my second child to the family amped up my anxiety, negative thoughts, fatigue, and feelings of not good enough. To say it paralyzed me would be an understatement. Fear: So many fears but fear of losing myself or never being me again.

Any time I want to go to the next level in my life:  Taking that next step is overwhelming. It is usually a time where we have to break old patterns and create new habits. Fear: the fear of failure, success, not being good enough, looking silly, being visible, and investing in myself are just a few I have experienced.

So, what's a go-getter to do?

Awareness and acceptance are always the first two steps to change. After that, it's up to you to figure out how you are going to create new habits to support your journey.

Stuck to Inspired + On Fire: 5 Ways to get there!

Believe you can.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, believe you can and you will.

Find joy.

Identify what brings you joy and do it every day. This will aid in keeping your mindset in a positive place.

Get organized.

Organization and uncluttering creates space for you to focus your energy on your deepest desires. It makes room for other things to come into your life.

Do less.

Hone in on what you want and dump everything else. Let go of the drudgery, tasks, and people that leave you feeling uninspired.

Invest in yourself.

The most important part of investing in yourself is making it a priority. Whether it's an online course, a coach, working with a mentor, or reading a book, it is time set aside just for you. Nothing catapults you to the next level like shelling out some cash to improve you! Trust me. In the last two months, I forked over close to FIVE figures in upgrades for me and my business.

Whether you are feeling ho-hum, stuck, or like you have misplaced your mojo, I know something about you.

You are powerful beyond measure.

So, I will ask again.

What are the reasons you feel stuck or have felt stuck in your life?

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