12 Ways to Focus on Your Goals (The Triathlete Way)

While I am not a triathlete, I live with and love a triathlete. I am immersed in this dream big and do hard things lifestyle. I observe my husband (and my clients) commit to triathlon like it's their job. 12 Ways to focus on your goals (the triathlete way)

As a personal performance coach and the wife of a triathlete, I have a unique perspective on how to focus on audacious goals.

In our 20's when the living was uncomplicated (read no house and kids), goal achievement came easily. To be honest, we weren't big dreamers back then. We were methodical planners - finish grad school, get married, get high paying job, buy house, have kids. We were rule followers and didn't think much about challenging the status quo.

[tweetherder]Goals that don't challenge the status quo don't require too much focus.[/tweetherder]


After we obtained the obligatory milestones our generation had set as the standard, we sat back and thought "Is this it?"

We weren't completely satisfied.

The wiser me knows I didn't really achieve MY goals. I achieved society's goals.

Throughout our 30's we have tested dreaming big and we will continue to push our limits as we cruise into our 40's.

Here's what we've learned along the way:

  • How to organize ourselves and our family.
  • How to enjoy the journey. the destination is just a pit stop for the next adventure.
  • How to be confident in the path we chose.
  • How to support each other on this wild and crazy ride called life.

[tweetherder]We've learned that your MOST audacious goals require FOCUS.[/tweetherder]

John's pursuit of an Ironman finish in 2014 was our most focused attempt at a goal so hairy, it was muppet-like.

Watching my husband endure long training sessions, work full-time (including a job change), and be present with our family gave me the opportunity to take detailed notes on his success.

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Here are 12 Ways to Focus On Your Goals (The Triathlete Way):

Make it your SOUL purpose.

If your goal doesn't resonate with you on a DEEP level, it's not the right goal.

Know your why and connect with it daily.

Not sure what your WHY is or WHY it's important, watch this. Connect with it by writing it down, posting it in your car, create a vision board that communicate your WHY.

Communicate your purpose to the most important people.

You need support to help you stay focused. The people you want to support you need to understand what you are doing and why it's important. Give them a role in your dream.

Get buy-in from key stakeholders (i.e. your family!).

Give your family an opportunity to be a part of your plan. We sit down as a family every year and give input on John's race calendar.  Even with buy-in, it's not always easy.

Pick one outcome goal.

Pick one goal that will shift your life in a different direction be specific about the results you want to achieve. Set a revenue amount for your biz, a timeframe to receive the big raise, or the date you want to leave your job.

Create milestones along the way.

Chunking the goal up into milestones or smaller performance goals creates momentum and motivation. These goals are more flexible than your outcome goal.

Process goals.

Process goals give you the details of how you will complete your outcome goal. These answer who, what, where, when, to make up the HOW.

Set a completion date.

When we set a big goal, we have a natural tendency to resist achieving it. I know. This sounds crazy but it's true. The thing standing between you and the completion of your crazy, awesome goal is fear. Be brave and set that date! Are you an app lover? Download a countdown app to keep track of those completion dates.

Understand the concept of marginal gains.

You want to achieve epic badassery? Take baby steps. Between the time John declared his Ironman intentions and the time he ran down the finishing shoot, there was 18 months of itty bitty steps. Read this.

Identify the tradeoffs you will need to make.

We frequently get the question "how do you do it all?" And my answer is always the same. We don't. If it doesn't align with our values and vision for our family, it doesn't happen.

Outsource as much of your life as you can afford.

Little things like using Amazon's Subscribe and Save program to eliminate errands and having a cleaning crew come twice a month can free up a lot of time. Even when we were broke, we prioritized the cleaning person even if it was once a month.

Don't compare yourself to others.

No good will come of this so just don't do it. If you start to feel like you are falling into the comparison trap, focus on gratitude for your unique-ness.

How do you keep focused on your goals?

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