To New Beginnings

We rise by lifting others. - Robert Ingersoll
 March Lessons (1)

I put the deposit down on a new website in November and it has been a long six months.  It's been equal parts exciting and agonizing.

Like any substantial goal the beginning is full of new opportunity and adventure.  The middle, where most people give up, can be downright painful as self-doubt creeps in.  And at the end, relief.  That's how I feel right now.  Like a tidal wave of relief has washed over me.

Do you want to know what my biggest struggle was?

Gaining clarity on my direction.  From listening to all of you, I know you can relate.

My journey from Point A to where I am now was full of intense introspection, purposeful action, and courage.

My timeline looked something like this:

July: John finished Ironman Lake Placid. I was in awe of his accomplishment and yearned for my own.

August: Decompressed from 18 months of Sherpa duties while John trained and raced and trained and raced.

September: Invested in my own personal and professional development.

October: In order to coach, you need to have a pretty organized head space free from mental chatter.  I hired a coach to help me do the deep, internal work needed to help me serve others.

November: Hired the web designer. Proceeded to call a trusted friend and freak out!

December: Wrote a business plan. Tweaked plan.

Tweaked plan again.

Cursed my need for clarity.

Tweaked plan again.


Tweaked plan again.

Cowered in fear of fully expressing my deepest desires.

January: Threw the plan out the window and decided to just take action. (NOTE - sometimes we all need to do this.  Stop planning and start doing.)  Decided that I would keep the Family, Sport, Life name and let John blog when he wants.

February: Created a new plan, signed clients, and set up some behind the scenes systems. Hired another coach.

[tweetherder]Big, hairy, muppet-like goals require a big, hairy support system.[/tweetherder]

March: Learned the importance of being visible in my business.  Read a gazillion books and spent hours a day educating myself.


Oh, and hired another coach (big, hairy support system!).

April: With a lot more confidence and clarity, I decided to rebrand! While it's sad to say good-bye to Family Sport Life, I realized it's best for my business.  And it's best for me.

[tweetherder]I am ready to SOAR on my own and help you do the same![/tweetherder]


If you're a triathlete, don't fret!

I will still be talking about triathlon and my triathlon posts are way more popular the John's anyway :-)

[tweetherder]SO, that was a long winded way of saying - Welcome to Tara Newman Coaching![/tweetherder]


My vision is to serve, coach, and teach others using my strengths in business alignment, leadership development, and personal growth while gaining the lifestyle freedom I desire.

I believe you are all capable of greatness when supported in building authentic businesses (or careers) and living purposeful lives.

The net result - you will love deeper, play bigger, and live better.

I have so many wonderful women (and a some great men) to thank for helping me get to this point.  Women who are friends, confidantes, and trusted advisers.  Women who know there is enough success for all of us.

For today, the biggest shout out goes to Rita Barry at The Blog Genie for this inspiring new space.

Wishing you all the courage to pursue your big, hairy, muppet-like goals!