From Uninspired to Awesome: A Case Study

Do you want to go from uninspired to awesome? How about from tired to taking charge?

That's just what my client Sarah Kerner did in group coaching!

Not only did Sarah find a way to super charge her success, her peers did too.  The level of peer interaction in this last round of From Stuck to Unstoppable (FSTU) was purely amazing.

Friendships were forged.

Support and compassion were abundant.

[tweetherder]My clients experienced DRAMATIC results which could not have been predicted at the beginning.[/tweetherder]


Uninspired to Awesome

This is Sarah's story.

I signed up for FSTU because even though an outside observer would probably say that I have a happy, successful life, there are a few areas of my life that just weren't working.

Does this sound familiar?

I often ended my days feeling tired and frazzled, frustrated that I had somehow reached age 35 without figuring out how to be a "real" adult that can manage a job, kids, marriage, a house, hobbies, and volunteer responsibilities.

Uninspired or awesome. You choose.

From the first week of the class, Tara guided us through a series of written exercises that were challenging but extremely eye-opening about how many of my problems are truly within my control if I'm willing to make the necessary changes.

Group dynamics rock

The group also provided near daily support and encouragement through a private Facebook group. Even though each person going through the course has their own issues to work through, we were all passing through the same type of transformation. Watching the other class members challenge themselves and make big changes in their own lives was inspiring and pushed me to be brave and share the hard things in my life that I wanted to work on.

Purpose, priority, and productivity

Working through the exercises brought clarity to what's really important in my life. I tend to be interested in every new thing that comes along, and Tara really pushed me to identify my priorities and encouraged me to focus fully on those things.

For example, I've kept a personal blog for almost 10 years, posting between 1-3 times a week. I never made any money from it, but it was a fun way to stay in touch with friends and a creative outlet to write about my hobbies and interests.

During an exercise in which we compared an actual day to our ideal day, I realized that I was spending precious free time in the evenings working on my blog when it didn't bring me closer to my husband, make me a better parent, or advance my career.

Why was I doing this, anyway?

I wrote my last blog post on February 23 and it was such a freeing experience.

Individualized attention

Tara is an extremely supportive and generous coach. She is always ready with a new challenge for participants who are ready to take a next step, and she is not afraid to call you out if you've been quiet for a few days or you are stuck in a negative frame of mind about an issue.

From tired to taking charge

When I signed up, I never would have guessed that six weeks later I would be giving my husband daily hugs, quitting my blog, switching up my volunteering schedule at church, or trying out meditation apps.

Are you in?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life, but isn't sure where to get started. Maybe you're not even sure what the changes should be -- that's okay.

Tara has an amazing talent for bringing out the best in people.

What part of Sarah's story resonates with you?

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