What It really Means to Create Ease

What is your first thought when I talk about working with ease and creating greater ease in your life and business? Is it that ease means easy, and that belief is too contrary to how you think about success and business? It has to be hard, right? That’s what we’ve been taught. A lot of people think ease means easy and that’s simply not the case.

When I think of the word EASE, I think of freedom from pain. Freedom from difficulty. Freedom from unnecessary effort.

What It Really Means to Create Ease (1)
What It Really Means to Create Ease (1)

Ease means getting the right things done instead of all the things.

Thinking ease means easy is a limiting belief that will keep you stuck in the same “no pain, no gain” business paradigm.

Sometimes ease does mean choosing the easier path. And there is nothing wrong with that.

A few weeks ago I was in the mountains and there was this little rock scramble. As I started to climb it a person behind me shouted “to the right is the easier way.”

I paused.

Which path did I want to take?

What does it say about me if I choose the easy way?

What’s the bull shit story I tell myself about doing things the easy way?

I’m lazy. I’m weak. If it’s not hard, I haven’t really earned anything. C’mon Tara…who said life was going to be easy? Suck it up.

Except I gave up those thoughts long ago so I chose the easy way up the rock scramble.

As I progressed up the scramble I noticed how effortlessly I moved which was actually giving me an advantage over the people who chose the “hard way” up. I actually reached the destination more quickly and could continue on if I needed to. This is endurance.

And this is the endurance which leaders need to have in order to leave a legacy and make the impact they crave.

In this case creating ease was about doing what was easy.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes doing things with ease actually requires more effort and the ease comes as the payoff.

Say what?

Here's a little story:

The night before coming home from vacation, I realized that we would be hitting NYC and Long Island just in time for summer traffic out the the Hamptons.

If you've never experienced this, it's like a scene from Armageddon or Dante's Inferno!

We had two choices -- sit in the traffic or find a way around the traffic.

Going on with our trip as planned and sitting in the traffic was the EASY choice. It required little forethought and effort. We might hit traffic or we might not. Either way, this was the "do nothing" option.

However, we wanted to guarantee EASE. No traffic. No headaches. Arriving home feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.

To achieve EASE, we needed to put in an effort. We researched our different options. Made reservations for the Bridgeport Ferry which was 5 hours away from our starting point. This made us nervous -- would we make our specified time?

Which led to us getting hyper focused on our organization and timing of the first leg of our trip.

The RESULT: We got to our ferry an hour early. We were able to get on the earlier ferry. The trip was totally uneventful. We hit zero traffic. We were able to get out of the car on the ferry to stretch our legs, eat lunch, and use the restroom.

We got home with enough energy to go food shopping, cook dinner and start meal prep for the week.

Basically, the ease just kept paying itself forward.

How this translates to business...

Think about how you are making things unnecessarily hard on yourself because you have a belief around what the path to your success should look and feel like.

What are the stories you tell yourself when you think of taking an easier path?

Where can you create greater ease in your day-to-day business activities?

Sometimes this means simply letting go of activities that don’t yield the desired result. Other times this means hiring, outsourcing, or delegating (even if you’re a control freak!).

Maybe you need to stop giving your energy to people who don’t appreciate it.

Where does your process need to be simplified in order to create greater ease?

What mindset shifts can you make to create greater ease? SO much of this is in the way we THINK about creating freedom in our life and business.

In the comments below, tell me what ease looks or feels like to you as a bold leader.

PS. My group of BOLD LEADERS is a hopping place to find like-minded biz comrades as well as test the limits of your personal growth. Because as I’ve learned, your business doesn’t grow unless you do.

What It Really Means to Create Ease
What It Really Means to Create Ease