What's survival mode costing you?

A few weeks ago I surveyed my mailing list about what they really want in life. I also asked what was standing in their way and what a miracle cure would look like. I also asked this series of questions to my clients, friends, co-workers, and even some random strangers (because I'm bold like that!).

It's time to tell to tell survival mode to stick it!

A few themes emerged but one really spoke to my heart.

It went something like this: What do you REALLY want most?

Financial freedom.  Money.  Wealth.

What's standing in your way?

Money. Being in survival mode. Debt.

If I could wave a magic wand and present you with a miracle, permanent solution what would it look like?

Money. Financial Miracles. Profit.

I'm summarizing for the sake of word count but you get the picture.

I TOTALLY get this.

For a long time, I believed the one thing standing in the way of my dreams was finances. Primarily a financial cushion in the bank.
At the time I thought this, I had a fraction of the income I have now and negative amounts of money in the bank. One would say I was justified in my belief.  Flash forward 10 years later, which is now. I found myself with four times the income and 150% more money in savings and STILL questioning whether or not I was financially ready to make the leap to achieve my goal.

This proved an interesting point -- It's not about the money.

Success with money is like success with anything else.  It's not about external factors.  Success is driven by all things internal.

[tweetherder]Success is a mindset and so is wealth and prosperity.[/tweetherder]

As some of you might know, this isn’t my first business. My husband and I had a failed six-figure start up.  We took some ballsy action and then went NO JOKE BROKE.

From multiple six-figures to foreclosure notices.

When we were in the thick of it, we were deep in a survival mode mindset.  It was a regular occurrence for one of us to remind the other not to use more than one swipe of deodorant!

It was the most terrifying time of my life -- I was depressed, angry, and utterly confused as to how two smart, successful people could F*&K up their lives so bad.

I lived in fear -- everyday.

I felt out of control -- everyday.

I felt the scarcity of my resources -- everyday.

Yet, there was a part of me that was ever grateful for the experience we were having.  We were learning lessons on a daily basis that I know we would have NEVER learned under any other circumstances.

In fact, all that I have been able to do this year is a direct result of this traumatic life and business experience.

  • Start a business while working full time.
  • Take massive action by turning a small blog into a thriving business.
  • Create the money needed for major investments in myself and business.
  • Create the financial cushion needed to leave my full time job.
  • Find the courage to establish authority and be visible in my business.
  • Leave my full time job.
  • Create tons of wonderful opportunities to serve and support my clients

As we progressed through this messy and vulnerable time, something interesting happened. Instead of crawling up in a corner and giving up (which I did do for a short period of time), I dug in. I started to research and look for answers where there didn't seem to be any.

I created specific rituals out of desperation only to find out later they were the exact rituals I needed to be doing.

I began to look at things with a beginner's mind with genuine curiosity.

I discovered that living in survival mode carried a tremendous cost with it.

It costs you:

Wealth Happiness Thriving relationships Future opportunities Wild success Financial freedom Focused energy Momentum Achievement

Now that we've rebuilt, I see things through a different lens.  I see things in the framework of what is possible.

I am no longer available for survival mode, budgeting to the cent, or financial deprivation.

This is a long-winded way of me saying I hear you and I'm willing to go there with you. I'm willing to have open conversations about the mindset needed to bring greater financial abundance to your life so you can achieve your fullest potential.

Money doesn't have to stand between you and your big dreams.

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What's Survival Mode Costing You? It's time to tell survival mode to stick it!