Will You Rise in 2017?

Dear Bold Ones,

First, thank you for being here with me. Some of you are new to me but many of you have followed me for 5 years. As I sat in mediation today, I was called to share this message with you.

Please know, I haven't edited it. Nor have I censored it in fear of triggering someone. I no longer intend on doing that in 2017. You will get my uncensored, unadulterated truth.

I've decided to be as unapologetic about my opinions as I am about my ambition.

Will You Rise in 2017-- Tara Newman Coaching (1)
Will You Rise in 2017-- Tara Newman Coaching (1)

My work allows me to be present and hold sacred space for leaders who want to empower great change in the world. My people are difference makers who buck the system and achieve what others see as impossible.

They are inspiring, unapologetically ambitious and achievement driven. So am I.

They are go getters, results-driven rebels and are highly skilled at what they do. They are successful.

And yet they undervalue their gifts, fail to THINK BIGGER, have heart stopping fear, and often lay awake at night anxious that they may never reach their fullest potential.

To an outsider my clients look like they have their shit together. They are sought after experts in their field and if they have an online presence they are running a business in a fish bowl. People often tell them "I want to be like you when I grow up."

Their success is coveted and they are frequently trying to come up with polite ways to say "no, we can't have coffee so you can pick my brain."

But my clients, like you, are human and flawed. The kids make them crazy, their house sometimes looks like a crack den, and they pick fights with their partner when life is going too well. Oh, and they sometimes hustle way to hard for those adrenals to keep up.

There IS an ugly underbelly to success when you are hard wired for achievement.

There is a tendency to strive, push, and overwork. There is an overwhelming compulsion to control and manipulate outcomes. There is a loneliness that leads to isolation.

And there are deeply ingrained beliefs that derail the best leaders. Like the belief that asking for help is weak. That we don't have the time to work on ourselves or our businesses. That we know that already.

A serious lack of self-trust becomes evident usually masking itself as a lack of trust for others, indecisiveness, or making misaligned decisions.

The smartest people do the stupidest shit in the name of fear.

When we operate and lead from fear, we wither and shrink (hello smallsville!)

We deny the world our light.

And I don't know if you have heard the call, that whisper in the wind, asking you to RISE UP sister. RISE UP AND LEAD.

You're not crazy, you are not hearing voices. Women all over the world are hearing it too. 2017 is the year, make no mistake about that.

It's time for us, collectively as conscious human beings to do the deep work that will have a lasting impact on society.

But we can't rise in fear. We rise when we are consciously healing and whole. When we integrate all of who we are into every aspect of our lives and businesses. When we look fear in the face and say "thank you." When we get radically curious about who we are and who we are to BECOME.

This is how we UPLEVEL.

This is when we lead from a place of power. This is when we are of the greatest service. This is the magical place of ambition and ease.

THIS is when our businesses scale and generate real profits.

SO, I have a big, bold, and ballsy ask…

I'm asking you to commit to doing the deep work called BOLD LEADERSHIP. To finally put down the fear of success.

(yes, my client's biggest fear is the fear of success.)

Put down the fear of being too powerful. Put down the fear that others will beat you at something. Put down the fear of missing out.

Put down comparison-itis. Put down your resistance. Put down your distractions.

Stop numbing your shit. Feel it and heal it. Stop looking outside yourself. Stop consuming #allthethings all over social media or in the news.

Because if you can't do this…


The world needs you to stand in your fullest power. To stand as your tallest self. To become your most illuminated being.

The world needs you to do the work that matters to you. To lead your movement. To build community.

The world needs you to be present to you gifts.

Who do you need to become in 2017 to step into your BOLDEST self?

Come join my community of difference makers, idea shakers, and rule breakers in The Bold Leadership Collective.

Will You Rise in 2017-- Tara Newman Coaching
Will You Rise in 2017-- Tara Newman Coaching