Your business needs YOU. Be bold. Be you.

Your business needs YOU. Be bold. Be you. - Tara Newman CoachingAs you know, I’ve been MIA from the blog for a bit. I was working on behind the scenes stuff in my business but more importantly, I was working on MYSELF. It became very clear to me that my business growth wasn’t going to happen unless the necessary personal growth happened first.

At the end of January, I chucked my 90 day strategy plan out the window and led my business from a place of uncertainty. I wasn’t sure what would be around the next turn and I had no plan.

I made the BOLD decision to not take on any new clients for the month of February while I sorted my shit. I’m a firm believer in sometimes having to take a few steps back to make your next QUANTUM LEAP.

I also believe that as a coach, I can’t ask my clients to do the DEEP INNER WORK if I haven’t committed to doing it myself.

Over the last six weeks I’ve uncovered a lot about myself and my leadership. And no surprise my business is back on track and better than before.

So here is what I have to say about being who you are:

I remember seeing the gangsta rap meme and loving it. It really resonated but something felt slightly off. Maybe a bit too unforgiving.

Gangster rap

I tried to think about what was missing for me to really embrace it. That's when I had my big "A HA" -- I wanted to get things handled with love, ease, flow and gratitude.

For a long time I have felt stuck around my messaging and branding.

Things just didn’t want to come together no matter how much I tried to beat them into submission - no label or box felt right. And it shouldn’t because our souls aren’t meant to be labeled or boxed — not even for branding or business purposes.

So much of my confusion came from trying to be someone I wasn't to 'fit in' online or not understanding who I truly am.

I have this interplay of masculine and feminine energy that I never really appreciated. I was so intent on being either/or. A fine example of where black and white thinking isn't always a good thing.

I would get triggered by every Facebook group post about being too masculine and denying our divine feminine.

Why is it either/or?

We actually need both.

It's ok that I am unapologetically ambitious and it's ok that it quietly roars within me.

My ambition doesn't need to rage.

I can get shit done and be zen about it.

I can hustle with ease and flow.

I can talk strategy and high performance with love.

I can be driven and nurture my desires.

I can be FIERCE about my devotion.

I can start every day and every client call with the mantra - Listen, love, lead.

It's safe for me to be who I am.

And it’s safe for you to be who you are.

Love and Leadership.


PS. If you're ready to bring more of you into your leadership so you can rock the triangle pose between strategy and soul, join The Bold Leadership Sisterhood.

PPS. My group of BOLD LEADERS is a hopping place to find like-minded biz comrades as well as test the limits of your personal growth. Because as I’ve learned, your business doesn’t grow unless you do.


Your business needs YOU. Be bold. Be you. - Tara Newman Coaching