the bold sisterhood



I see you.

You have a mission bigger than yourself.

You’re ready to blaze your own trail of awesome (and light the way for others). So here you are. Poised behind your laptop, coffee in hand and ready serve.

But you’re distracted by all the shiny objects. The lightning fast newsfeeds. The endless newsletters you’ve signed up for. Webinar after webinar.

You’re fueled by enough FOMO to make hardened hipsters go mainstream.

And then there’s The Fear.

The fear that your calling doesn’t matter.
The fear that your dreams are forever out of reach.
The fear that you’re a fraud, that you’ll fumble, that you’ll fail.

Or, how about the fear that you might actually succeed?

Sister, you got this. (And I've got you.)

You have what it takes to be the rocking revolutionary that rakes in the dolla billz, yo!

You don’t need another course, another certification or another free challenge. Because, let’s face it, you’ll just spend uber bucks and still end up in the same spot.

What you need is someone to challenge the way you think. Someone to hold you accountable. Someone to help you execute your bold ideas and still make self-care a top priority.

In other words, what you need is

The Bold Sisterhood



It’s not about the you or me, it’s about WE. A powerful tribe of soul sisters ready to rise.

This program focuses on the following areas:

  • Leading from the inside out
  • Life and business alignment
  • Routines, habits, and rituals for ease and self-care
  • Strategy review and reset
  • Overcoming your ish -- resistance, limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt
  • Authentic visibility
  • Mastering your money mojo



Whether this is your next step or your first step, we’ve got you covered.


The Bold Sisterhood includes:

  • 2 90min 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Live Group Calls per Month
  • Super secret FB group to keep you accountable.
  • A pack of wild hearted, high performing women that have your back.


stop playing it safe

Lead with style, strategy and soul.

Investment - $4,000 in full or 6 payments of $750