Hands up if you want to learn how to grow your business exponentially, while simultaneously doing LESS yourself?

It’s entirely possible and it all starts with bold leadership.

This April 20, I’m bringing together a small, intimate group of founders, CEOs and professionals for a one-day group intensive in NYC, to share my tried and tested strategies for high-performance leadership and rapid business growth.

Surrounded by the energy of high achievement you’ll learn:

Why it’s counterintuitive and actually damaging for your business to always operate with “game-ready” mindset.

How to strategically pinpoint and release the bottlenecks that are stopping you from hitting your goals.

How to turn the power of reflection into unrelenting forward momentum.

You’ll receive mentoring in a group setting, generous feedback from peers as well as myself, and leave having already checked a bunch of tasks off your to-do list.

Once you master the mindset shifts and strategies I’ll be teaching, you’ll be able to apply them again and again.