Episode 00: Introduction


Introduction to “The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast”
Episode # 00


Key Topics:

What does BOLD mean?
About Tara Newman.
Bold Leadership Lessons.
Podcast Mission and Structure.
How to Reach Out and Introduce Yourself.



Bold Leadership Lessons Learned:

1. If you want more, you need to do less.

2. Overachieving doesn't mean high performing.

3. Success doesn't have to be hard or painful. You can build a strategy that flows.
I believe that it's soul first, strategy second, surrender always.

4. You already have everything you need to step into your level of success.

5. Leading yourself in a way that is unapologetic and bold solves most problems.


Podcast Mission

My mission for this podcast is quite simple. I wanna love on my community by offering valuable content, tools, and resources. I wanna develop bold, ballsy, and badass leaders. I wanna offer real, honest, and unapologetic discussions around leadership.


Future Podcast Topics

We will focus on actionable items. This is really about pulling back the curtain as to what's going on with high performing business owners and high performing leaders, digging into the things that they've experienced and lessons learned. We’ll talk about running a profitable business and avoiding burnout and what it truly takes to be a high performer. We’ll have real talk on scarcity mindset, and abundance and valuable tools and resources for closing out the year.


Ways to Connect

The Bold Leadership Revolution Facebook Page

@theTaraNewman on Instagram using #boldleadershiprevolution



“Bold doesn't have to be big. Bold is knowing the next best move for you.”

“Success doesn't have to be hard or painful.”

“We don't want information, we want transformation.”


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