EPISODE 04: Do The Work

Key Topics: 

  • What “the work” isn’t.

  • What “the work” is.


What the work isn’t:

“The work” actually means something other than the busy tasks 99% of humans are addicted to.

Is it more hours?

What I have proved over the last 2.5 years with myself and many others is that it is something else entirely!

What the work is:

It’s the mindset work or journaling that keeps our egos in check and allows us to move through stories and beliefs more quickly.

It’s when we find the time of day we are in flow, and commit to only working during those times because we are 10 times more productive.

The work is in stepping back and creating the space to self reflect.

Making a commitment to work only from our strengths at least 75% of the time.

The work is in setting the goals and being crystal clear on your desired results. Every day.



"I am fiercely committed to developing leaders who can do BIG, purposeful and impactful things in the world without losing their health, sanity or family."

"The work is in the being. More being and less doing will accelerate your results every single time."

"I am an advocate for doing less better and rescuing people from the high achiever hamster wheel that leads so many to burnout."


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