EPISODE 06: How to Feel Abundant Even When You're Freaking Out About Money


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Key Topics: 

  • The Costs of Living in Survival Mode

  • 3 Steps for Overcoming a Scarcity Mindset


The Costs of Living in Survival Mode:

When you’re in survival mode you shut down.
You stop making good decisions because decisions are made based on money.
And so, you don’t invest in your team because of money.
You don’t invest in yourself because of money and you don’t invest in help because of money.


When you’re in survival mode you don’t see the things you DO have control over.

Success and abundance are internal:
On any given day, we can feel stress and strain around our money.
We get to choose whether or not we're going to feel that way.


3 Steps you can take to shift you out of survival mode thinking, and into abundance

When you find yourself in survival mode thinking, break the negative looping thoughts that are going around your head. Step away. Go for a walk. Take a hot shower. Read a book. Play with your children. Do anything that's going to get you out of your head. But don’t go online. Don't go Googling. Don't go mindless Facebook scrolling.


Watch your language regarding money. At the end of the day write down the words you’re using to describe your money situation. Then reframe your money language and change the words you’re using to describe money. If you keep saying “money is scarce, money is scarce”, I want you to write that down, because then you can change it and say “money is abundant, money is everywhere.”


Write a list of what you need to thrive in business or in life. Not a list of the basics, that’s survival mode, but a list of things you need to THRIVE. If you’re spending money on things you don’t need to thrive, you cut it out,



"Living in survival mode carries a tremendous cost with it. It costs wealth, happiness, relationships and wild success and financial freedom."
"Success is a mindset and so is wealth and prosperity."
"When you’re stuck in survival mode, you feel like a victim. And you can not be a victim and lead." 
"Abundance isn’t really about the money. It's about the way we think about the money."


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