EPISODE 09: How to invest in Yourself with Confidence

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Take Bold Action!

This Episode has an accompanying worksheet to help you apply some of the principles I talk about on the show.


Key Topics: 

  • Things I’ve learned about investing in myself

  • Questions to ask before making an investment

  • How to make investments when money is tight


Things I’ve learned about investing in myself

  1. Always plan your investments before the year starts to avoid shiny object syndrome.

  2. If it doesn't sting or it doesn't create a change in your behavior, it most likely is not the right investment.

  3. The energy from which you make the investment matters. I only permit myself to make an investment in myself from a place of wanting not needing to make the investment.

  4. There is a cost to not investing in yourself. There is a cost to staying the same, and not learning new skills or mastering the strengths you already have.

Questions to ask before making an investment

  1. Do I believe that this product or service can help me? Do I trust the person I’m buying it from?

  2. What is the real value of this product or service to me?

  3. Do I trust myself to do what it takes to get the results from this product or service?

  4. What are the fears, doubts, worries, or concerns in making this investment?

  5. Who do I want to become and will this help me get there?

  6. What's the cost of not making this investment?

  7. What's the best thing that can happen as a result of making this investment?

How to make investments when money is tight?

  1. Start every major goal with decluttering. You can repurpose your money.

  2. Can you add another revenue stream to your business? Use the money coming in from that revenue stream to make investments in yourself.

  3. Ask for whatever you want to invest in as a gift.

  4. As a business owner there might be financial upside to the investment so you might want to take a loan.

  5. Be savvy and look for coupons or discounts or raffles or beta programs.

  6. Cooking your meals instead of eating out saves a lot of money and it allows you to invest in other areas.

  7. Go through your bills, personal bills and business bills, and look for ways that to cut expenses.

  8. Focus on gratitude. Gratitude for all that you have already, and gratitude for these investments that you are able to make in yourself



"Of course you would make investments into you, because if you're not growing, your business isn't going to grow either."
"When I invest in the right thing it pays itself back for years to come."
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