My Confessions of a Bold Leader

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In today’s episode I speak with I'm sharing my own Bold Confessions. We are talking about motherhood, marriage, growth, mindset, and how I'm repositioning my business, this show, and what's next for The Bold Leadership Revolution.  

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • How Tara pushed through life to get this episode recorded.

  • Why Tara completely overhauled a business model that was already working. 

  • Tara's biggest lesson so far in 2018, that everything has a season.

  • What makes The Bold Leadership Experience Different, and why it's upsell free.

  • Getting comfortable with the idea that we're not for everyone.

  • How Tara has moved through the resistance of being supported in a way she had a lot of resistance to.

  • How Tara is moving through communication changes in her marriage.

  • How stepping back, uncommitting, and getting present allowed Tara to hit her highest ever revenue month.

  • How Tara is protecting her business by prioritizing her health, and focusing on mastery.

The most important takeaway, be very present to your thoughts, but be even more present to your feeling underneath the thoughts.

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