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S2 EPISODE 08: How to focus on what's important in your business

In this episode I talk with Jason Van Orden about how to focus on what's most important especially when you have multiple roles. Whether you’re a parent home with a sick kid, or a business owner running your business, or both a parent and a business owner or maybe you play a leading role in someone else's business. No matter what role, we all have different relationships that we're trying to juggle at any given time. And in this episode we dive into how we juggle and determine what gets our attention.

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S2 EPISODE 07: 3 Practical Ways You're Leaving Money on The Table

In business, people often have preconceived notions about what a business or industry can and can’t do. One of my clients, Sara Intonato took an industry that most people think has no upside and became a trailblazer. We worked together and set her sights on goals that she never thought were possible and yet she achieved them.

In this episode of the podcast, Sara shares the keys to her success in working together with me

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S2 EPISODE 06: Bold Leadership Essentials with Shari Teigman

In today’s episode I speak with Shari D. Teigman and we cover a plethora of topics.

We take a deeper look at my background and how my experiences and overall evolution has impacted my business.

We talk about what TV character I get compared to on a regular basis, and why I coach and don’t offer courses.

We also review a simple framework for behavior or organizational change that anyone can use.

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S2 EPISODE 05: How to know if you're undercharging

Every week I help my clients move past the mental and energetic hurdles that go into raising their rates, asking for raises, and communicating their value in a way that is clear and ultimately sellable.

My purpose here today is to present information that might get you to shift your perspective or catalyze you into action. I also want you to realize that it’s normal.

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