Hi! I’m Tara Newman, with the Bold Leadership Revolution


I’m a high-performance leadership coach, CrossFit and coffee fanatic, and expert in Organizational Psychology with a mission to help people find the MORE they’ve been looking for.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and corporate crusader, I know that the path to success involves a lot of ups and downs, a lot of hard work, and a LOT of strategy. Throughout my 20 years of developing leaders, I’ve been fascinated by (ok, you could say OBSESSED WITH #nerdalert) two things: the systems of success and the science of human performance.

To say I have a solid first-hand understanding of how these factors work together would DEFINITELY be an understatement! I spent years working in a corporate environment, utilizing my Masters in Organizational Psychology to grow thousands of leaders to their greatest potential.

Still, I knew I wanted to have a MUCH bigger impact.

So I hung up my corporate cape to build a thriving business, coaching high-achieving clients ranging from NY Times best selling authors to TEDx Speakers to tech executives and multi-million dollar CEOs. I ‘ve been featured in The Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, The Perpetual You, and a dozen podcasts about work and optimal performance. For almost two decades, I’ve been developing leaders and helping them to thrive in an ever changing, noisy and overwhelming business landscape.

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

Tara Newman Headshot 1.jpg
  1. If you want more, you need to do less (but do less better).

  2. Overachieving doesn’t mean high performing. Striving shouldn’t mean struggling.

  3. Success doesn’t have to be hard or painful -- you CAN build a strategy that flows.

  4. You already have everything you need to step into that next level in your career (and life).

  5. Leading yourself in a way that is unapologetic and bold solves most problems


I’ve also learned a lot about smart, self-aware, ambitious people like YOU…

You’re white-knuckling your ride to success. You’re holding on so tightly to your goals that you’re suffocating the life out of your dreams (and you can barely breathe yourself).

You’re smart and self-aware. You know the habits and fears that are holding you back. But you don’t know the HOW to move completely through them.

You’re worried that you will never live up to your potential, ping ponging back and forth between fear of failure and fear of success.  (And this leaves you feeling distant, isolated, and not present for the ones you love).

You’re tired of those wakeful nights spent wondering how you will replicate your success and up-level to the BIG goals you have (without crashing somewhere along the way).

I TOTALLY get it.


I’ve been anxious, scared, exhausted and frustrated about not living up to my potential. I’ve feared success more than I’ve feared failure. I’ve let my ambition work against me, instead of harnessing it in a healthy, sustainable way.

I’ve been so driven to achieve my goals that I lost what truly fulfilled me.

Too much striving can burn you, just like it burned me. Continually pouring out everything in your tank will eventually leave you--you guessed it--empty, depleted, and broken down.

After my failures (including a whopping business failure), I had to COMPLETELY re-imagine what success would look like, and how to achieve it. I committed myself to learning EVERYTHING I could about how to reach massive goals...WITHOUT the massive headaches.

And I’ve become the go-to coach who’s teaching OTHER LEADERS how to do the same in THEIR lives and work.

From solo entrepreneurs to CEOs to elite athletes to best-selling authors to executives on the rise, I’ve helped hundreds of achievement-driven people embrace their ambition, leverage their performance, and learn the tools they need to THRIVE.

THIS is my passion. This is why I do what I do: To help you LEAD in your business and life, so you can achieve those BIG goals in a healthy, productive, sustainable way.

Because here’s the Truth: If you want to do big, purposeful things on this planet, if you want to leave a legacy, you need ENDURANCE as a leader to make an impact beyond your wildest dreams.

The Bold Leadership Revolution is a high-performance coaching system for those who want to regain (and build) their ambition.

This is the place for leaders to grow their legacy. This isn’t about backbreaking work or burning the midnight oil (you’ve already been doing that, right?). This is about honing your clarity, mastering the skills that’ll help you meet your goals, and building the mental resilience to be able to go the long haul with your vision.

Because you CAN have the financial success you desire without sacrificing your sanity, health, or the important people in your life. You CAN have it all -- when you define what “all” means to you.


The Bold Leadership Revolution is for people like YOU--visionaries, CEOs, and leaders who are ready to grow exponentially -- mind, business, and soul.
This is the place where the people who want more, come to get it.

Welcome! Now let’s do it.