What my clients have to say about our work together

Before working with Tara I was really struggling at work keeping up with the fast paced growth and managing my team. I also had challenges with communicating effectively to my leadership team. My biggest challenges were time management, goal setting, prioritizing and communicating in leadership situations. I was very distracted with busy work and non essential tasks. I was just keeping up. Since working with Tara I have been able to better focus on the critical tasks, improve communication with the leadership team and align with company objectives.

What I value the most about working with Tara is the ability to talk about anything in a safe environment of trust and understanding. Now I have a much better outlook on my job and my ability to attain goals. I have also improved my effectiveness as a sales leader and coach to my team.
— BJ Tucker
Before working with Tara, I felt totally overwhelmed. I was spinning my wheels, trying to do all the things all by myself, and felt incredibly frustrated that I wasn’t seeing any results. I thought my biggest challenges were making a consistent income, getting consistent clients, and increasing my social media engagement.

While these were three things that did change as a result of working with Tara, my biggest challenges weren’t found until we dove under the surface. I needed to make big changes within the structure of my business and my beliefs, because the way my business was designed - and the amount of time I felt pressured to work - was in complete misalignment from my desired life. This left me feeling burnt out and overworked — from things that weren’t producing any positive results — so that I felt bitter in my business and frustrated with myself.

Over the last six months together, I’ve seen an incredible increase in income and sales, but the results go even deeper. I reduced my workload, spent two weeks in my hometown on complete vacation, stop working at 4 PM most days, take care of myself daily, feel more confident in my abilities than ever before, and am finally focused on the right things rather than all the things.

When I started working with Tara, I was so far from the person I wanted to be that I felt like a fraud and a failure. Since we started implementing a deep foundation of self-care and respect, I can now show up with more energy, positivity, and value.
— Kelly Scott
Before working with Tara, I felt like there was a piece missing in my business. Outwardly, I was doing everything - but I still felt like there was a small part of me that was ‘playing’ at business and I felt like I didn’t deserve the wealth and business that I had created. My biggest challenges were the mindset shifts I needed to make so that I could embrace my bold inner leader. I struggled to merge my corporate background and strategic mind with the mindset necessary to be a high performing entrepreneur. Despite having the money side sorted, I still lacked belief.

The biggest results I received from working with Tara was learning how to ask myself the critical question, ‘who would you have to be to be that 7 figure earner/ how would she act?’ As well as, understanding that mindset work is not a secondary activity but that it can work well with my strategic side to build my business. Also, Tara is supportive, kicks my British behind in a loving way when needed and shows up authentically always. She has the most strategic mind and fantastic approach to leadership and development; and that helps me to improve my own.

Now I feel like I’ve stepped up to become the most powerful version of myself in both my life and in my business.
— Jessica Lorimer
Tara is an incredible listener, great at reflecting back and never judgmental. She holds you accountable without expressly holding you accountable. I have found her to be absolutely trustworthy. The safe and warm space she creates in her coaching sessions does the rest.   Without all this there wouldn’t be a connection and she wouldn’t be the great coach she is. For me as a coach myself, Tara is an inspiration to me. She is someone I strive to emulate.
— Gerdi