A virtual society for business owners like you, who want to connect with bold, resilient, abundant, value-driven and endurable leaders



Professional women come to us to:

  • Develop the operational skills and mental strength it takes to have the endurance to make the impact of a lifetime.

  • Take courageous and aligned action that creates unrelenting forward momentum in their business.

  • Help them be more bold in their truth so they can stand on stages or market with more originality. This is where these women really start to set themselves apart.

  • Confidently move them through those icky feelings of “I’m a total fraud” and “who am I to [fill in the blank]”

  • Surround themselves with other growth-minded women who are committed to leading at their highest level with the utmost integrity. Values matter here.

The secret to BRAVE leadership isn’t sitting around in isolation and hiding behind your desk.

The secret is radical self-reflection, clarity on next steps and a community of BOLD leaders who have your back.


Allow me to introduce you to

The BRAVE Society...

Ever wonder what happens when you create an association for female professionals who all want to raise the bar on their performance as a leader?

We were curious too. So we created a space completely unique just like the leaders who join us. We can honestly promise that you have never experienced anything like this before.


You don’t have to take our word for it.

Here’s what women inside BRAVE are saying:


It’s rare to find people that you resonate deeply with or meet people who are genuinely interested in you and your business.

In fact, nine times out of ten, you walk away from most networking events feeling like you’ve given way more than you’ve received.

If Jim Rohn was right and you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, I’m guessing you’d want those people to be credible experts with skills that complement your own -- not just people hot to take the next referral, then ride off into the sunset.

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That’s where brave comes in…

BRAVE is a pan-professional virtual society made up of founders, CEO’s and established leaders, who are bold, resilient, abundant, value-driven and endurable in everything they do.

You believe we rise by lifting others and because of that, you will be just as invested in the success of other members as you are your own.

As a member of BRAVE you’ll be a credible, and reliable expert in your respective field, who loves nothing more than opening doors for others, connecting them with exciting opportunities and building meaningful relationships with leaders all over the world.

In addition, you’ll have regular opportunities to promote your own projects and invite others to work with you, too.

The net result?

Everybody wins.


The BRAVE Society is reassuringly different from every other professional association.

Here’s why:

  • BRAVE is a strategic container where you learn the necessary operating skills to navigate a fast-paced, ever changing business landscape AND an emotional container where you develop the emotional resiliency to navigate any challenge you might face as a leader.

  • BRAVE is a pan-professional virtual society with members based all over the English-speaking world -- unlike your in-person local meetups, you’ll find interesting people to connect with whenever you open your laptop.

  • BRAVE is an army of credible experts with serious business acumen, all of whom are running established businesses. The depth of knowledge and experience at this table leads to rich, robust and real dialogue about what it takes to run a business.

  • BRAVE is all about the power of relationships and I want to give every member advanced relationship building skills they need to both give to and receive from the community as effectively as possible. Put simply, I won’t just fill the “room” for you; I’ll teach you the mutually advantageous way to work it too. This isn’t about adding 5,000 friends to your FB page, this is about cultivating relationships with purpose.

  • BRAVE has a fearless leader who shows up no matter what. Through my candid, behind-the-scenes, personal bi-monthly reviews, I model the behaviors, habits, rituals and honesty required to become a high performing bold leader.



With over 20 years experience, Tara Newman is a business and leadership coach who works with leaders in corporate, athletic and entrepreneurial environments.

Tara believes today’s leaders are an endangered species on a collision course towards burnout and extinction. Through her coaching programs, in-person mastermind days and retreats, she shows visionary leaders how to win consistently and sustainably so they can make an impact and create a lasting legacy.

Central to Tara’s work is the notion of high achievement vs. high performance. High achievement is characterized by unhealthy striving, incessant outputting and over-earning at the expense of a leader’s physical and emotional health. By contrast, she sees high performance as the pursuit of personal and professional mastery.

By helping leaders establish the behaviors, habits and rituals aligned with their own vision of success, Tara enables people to lead and thrive, without sacrificing their health or relationships, or compromising their personal integrity in the process.


Here’s what you receive when you join BRAVE...

  • Access to a virtual community of founders, CEOs and established professionals for advice, connection, inspiration, collaboration and friendship. Mainline the collective courage and support of the group whenever you need it most.

  • Bi-monthly CEO Debriefs facilitated by Tara where you are held accountable to radical self-reflection and bold actions.

  • Quarterly Laser Coaching sessions where you receive advice, guidance, and coaching on a variety of topics.

  • Monthly panel discussions on relevant and timely business topics including  the soft skill development missing from most leadership programs without any of the buttoned up stuffiness of corporate settings and typical personal development drivel.

  • High-quality referrals for credible, reliable, professional service providers who can help you grow your business.

  • Regular opportunities to share your projects and invite other members of The BRAVE Society into ways to work with you.

The Brave Society_BRAVE NYC_2.jpg

Ready to take your seat at the table?

While The BRAVE Society is open enrollment and you can join at any time, a few times a year we really take the time to educate and encourage you to join this phenomenal group of female leaders.

We take encouragement periods seriously. This is our opportunity to meet and get to know new and interesting female leaders. It’s also a time when we look forward to sharing more of The Bold Leadership Revolution’s why and how we provide unique experiences for leaders to grow and develop.

Your investment to join The BRAVE Society is just $250 per month.

Alternatively, you can save $500 when you pay $2500 annually.

By choosing annual payments, you’ll receive a $250 credit towards the 2020 in person retreat happening in the US in May of 2020. You also receive two FREE months inside the community for a savings of $500.


At this point you might be feeling one of two things (or both!)...

You have gotten to this point and are having a crisis of confidence. You’re on the fence, hemming and hawing on whether or not you really belong here (hello icky fraudy feelings).


You know you’re about to join a group of women who WILL raise the bar for your leadership. This NO BULLSHIT vibe is synonymous with The Bold Leadership Revolution.

Which means when you join The BRAVE Society, you will be asked to level up your leadership skills and stand shoulder to shoulder with lots of amazing women.

I’m not gonna lie. That’s intimidating.

Would it help you to know that every single woman who joins BRAVE feels this way?

What if I told you…

... that every time a new woman joins BRAVE, I wonder if I’m as good as I am. Can I really lead this new amazing woman to who she wants to become?
Yes, even I have head trash. This is why the CEO Debriefs I lead are so powerful. I share my experience as a leader, business owner, mother, partner vulnerably and unapologetically.

One CEO Debrief not to long ago, a member posted in the chat that she’s staying in the room even though she feels like a horrible fraud. Before the last in person Mastermind Day a member posted about being nervous. You know what, I was nervous too!

See, your feelings of “am I good enough” are totally normal in The BRAVE Society.

JOIN US and see how awesome it feels to be with other women just like you.

Next, you might be trying to determine if this is the right investment for you.

We are huge advocates for women investing in themselves and we also know that growing a business requires capital. All too often we see women invest in their businesses and forsake the investment in themselves, the leader.

If this sounds like you, read on.

We have created The BRAVE Society to specifically address this problem but I don’t want you to take my word for it.

In BRAVE, we stand shoulder to shoulder to support each other. To demonstrate the power of BRAVE, we curated some responses from members to support you in making this decision (because that’s what we do in BRAVE!).


Here are some thoughts from members…

Sometimes we struggle to see the benefit in investing in ourselves…


Based on conversations I've had with so many women in BRAVE, I want to acknowledge some thoughts that may have come up for you as you ready this. It could be that you resonate with Michelle and thought: I do not fit in anywhere. Maybe, like Maggie, you're not a 'joiner.'

This is SO common. Personally, I’ve been navigating the online space as a content creator since 2012 when I had my first blog called Family, Sport, Life. Every blogging conference I attended talked about finding your people. As I navigated these Facebook groups, where different core groups hung out, I felt very alone. My beliefs were often contrary to the popular belief. Those damn “like trains” seemed like such a colossal waste of time. Then “like trains” turned into “yes ladders” and I wanted to stick pins in my eyes.

The 'rules' about posting in Facebook groups multiple times a day did not make sense to my old school sensibilities. Everyone around me was so concerned with numbers and grabbing clients that they completely bypassed very basic business (and life) principles like real, genuine relationship building.

So, I set out to create something completely divergent from any other group I’ve seen. A community for the go against the grain-ers, the misfits, and the rebels.

Nothing gives you this vibe more than a CEO Debrief where women show up from their kitchens, with babies slung over the shoulder, a cat on their lap, or fresh out of the shower in a towel.

In The BRAVE Society, we’re different and we’re 100% OK with that. In fact, we’re counting on it.

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Here’s how to apply:


Step One:

Complete your application form and tell us why you want to join us, what you want us to know about you and what makes you BRAVE.

Step Two:

Make your investment. Click the link that appears after the application and make this investment in yourself.

Step Three:

Join The BRAVE Society Facebook group and begin making the kind of connections that lead to unrelenting forward motion.


Got questions? You may find your answer below!

Who is The BRAVE Society for?

The BRAVE Society is for founders, CEO’s and established leaders who are credible high-achieving experts in their own respective fields. BRAVE members embody the values bold, resilient, abundant, value-driven and endurable in their daily lives and interactions with others.

Where does all the action go down?

The BRAVE Society has its own private Facebook community which you’ll get access to as soon as you become a member. This is where you’ll connect with other members for advice, connection, inspiration, collaboration and friendship.

Twice a month I’ll be hosting my bi-monthly CEO debriefs via Zoom, along with monthly panel discussions, and our quarterly book club.

How involved do I need to be?

BRAVE isn’t a society that you can just join and forget about and it’s definitely not a place for members to show up and pitch day in, day out either.

As a collective, we expect all members to live by the following maxim: Listen. Love. Lead. Leverage. That means you show up regularly and consistently in the group to show support, give feedback, share your expertise and harness the collective energy of the group. When you’ve built a solid foundation with your peers, you’ll be in a great position to leverage the group further by making invitations to work with you.

Why do I need to apply?

There are plenty of professional societies that care more about collecting subscriptions rather than the experience they provide their members, but BRAVE isn’t one of them. It’s my mission to create a highly curated space of leaders who embody and perpetuate the values that existing members live by and for that reason, BRAVE will most likely never have open registration.

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete the application form that you’ll find right here.


It’s time.

If you’re ready to lean into the bold vision you hold for your business and want to do it surrounded by the collective courage and energy of other high performing leaders who will always have your back, consider this your invitation to claim a seat at our table.

Pull up a chair...

We’re waiting for you.